Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Deception Part 14 : Kate backs off, a deal put to us 'indirectly'

Kate McCann very careful not to libel herself here, for it was her lawyer himself who denied Kate was made such a deal NOT the PJ, she now backs off and claims the deal was made 'indirectly'....   Notice Kate has included Gerry in the 'deal' something Aunt Phil did not say.

To understand in England, Social Services and the British Goverment permit the parents of two small children to harm their young undeveloped minds is outrageous !

Kate lies writes :'The phones were red hot again. Many relatives and friends had expressed through the media at home their concern and disgust at the way Gerry and I were being treated. Phil had gone as far as mentioning the ‘deal’ put to us indirectly by the PJ. Gerry was uneasy about that being made public (though this might have been because he was inside the police station at the time). I had no qualms. It had happened, it was the truth and it was outrageous. The PJ responded by saying, ‘We don’t do deals.’ Not officially, maybe, but from where we were standing it was certainly a deal, and a thoroughly reprehensible one at that.'