Friday, May 18, 2012

#McCann : Subject - Paulo Reis.

Lessons on how the McCann brainwashing system works . It is OK to think for yourself and change your opinion as long as that opinion agrees with the McCanns' version of events.

I am only going to say this once. I appear to have achieved the ultimate in blogging and have done a 'Daily Mail' I posted a comment from Paulo Reis on the McCanns without checking and I cannot remember the source of the blog or even where I found the article ( I will not make such a mistake again). I copied the post in its entirety where it claimed Paulo had removed the link. Had I checked I would have found this to be untrue. I have apologized to Paulo and hope that he accepts my apology.

As for the rest of you who have given Paulo so much grief because Mari Olli cannot get her way and have her mugshot removed from the internet , that is yours and her problem! So, you must now return to your pit and think up a new angle to hound Paulo with , this one has been explained in words that even a three year old could understand.

However, all is not lost, going by the stats it has proven what a small group you actually are  trolling for the McCanns' 24/7.Interesting !


Paulo Reis : My Opinion About Gerry & Kate McCann

The message to those of you who have trolled my blog with malicious intent remains.

Get A Life You Sad People.

troll-webI smell a troll.