Friday, May 18, 2012

#McCann : Rev. Haynes Hubbard - Times Of Transition.

Times of Transition

                The Pastoral Unit comprising Christ Church, Gananoque and Church of the Redeemer Rockport are awaiting the arrival of their new Incumbent, Rev. Christine Downey who will relocate with her husband Benjamin from the Diocese of Huron and begin her ministry with them on May 1st. Also, the people of St. Mark’s, Barriefield will welcome their new Incumbent, Rev. Haynes Hubbard, his wife Susan and family who will relocate from the Anglican Chaplaincy in the Algarve, Portugal on July 1st. Please continue to hold these parishes, clergy and families in your prayers as they continue through this time of transition.

I have heard Susan is already in Canada.

 Bizarre, there is something flesh crawling about this entire case.