Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#McCann : Tuseday May 2nd - Too Many Questions.

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While compiling the video it became clearer that Rachael's statement appears to be an effort to show that Madeleine was alive on Thursday...

It's a very complicated video to watch, but, for those aware of the case it shows how she seems to have knowledge of what happened but has not been kept in the 'loop' enough to avoid conflicting statements with the others...

1) Rachael has the day of the tennis wrong...

- Madeleine's group played on Tuesday, not Thursday

2) Rachael claims she chatted with Kate from 9.30 - 10.00am by the pool until Madeleine arrived for lessons....

- Kate played tennis from 9.15am to 10.15am so (whether Tuesday or Thursday) would not be lounging by the pool chatting with Rachael any time prior to 10.15am. - On Tuesday (the correct mini tennis day), Kate went back to the apartment as the maintenance men were fixing the shutter that Gerry had broken and also showed Kate how to use the washing machine, so, even if rushing, she would not have had time to relax and chat with Rachael prior to mini tennis in the 15 minutes between her lesson and Madeleine arriving.

3) Rachael claims that both Gerry and Kate were there, with her, when Madeleine arrived for mini tennis......

- Gerry played tennis from 10.15 - 11.15am on the other tennis court and could NOT have been present.

- Kate claims in her book that she returned from the apartment leaving the maintenance men fixing the shutters and returned DURING Gerry's tennis lesson (which finished 15 minutes AFTER mini tennis was finished.

4) Rachael claims the last time she saw Madeleine was at mini tennis...

- Mini tennis was on Tuesday so was the last time she saw Madeleine on TUESDAY?

- Jane Tanner last saw Madeleine when she was playing tennis with Rachael at lunchtime on Thursday, at the time the Last Picture was taken. Jane claims that Gerry and Madeleine were shouting at them from the rec area.....Rachael makes no mention of seeing the children (including Madeleine) and does not claim to have seem Madeleine for the last time during their game.

5) The police ask Rachael which tennis court the children played on...

- Rachael describes Court 1 but the children played on Court 2..but WHY did the police ask her that question? (Because they suspected she was not there?)

Rachaels statement deserves closer scrutiny imo. I was not aware of some of the details above until compiling the video and considering these details only relate to mini tennis one has to wonder about the rest of her statement.

This is not a video for casual observers of the case. It may be too complicated to watch for some people.

My intention is to have it as a reference for those that are studying the discrepancies and, along with the rest of the series of videos, (yet to be completed) a possible reminder for the 'authorities' involved in the case.....HiDoHo