Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#McCann #Brooks: Who are the five others to be charged?

Profiles of the former NI chief's husband and four others who are to be charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice
Charlie Brooks and five others are to be charged with perverting the course of justice. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA

Charlie Brooks

Brooks, a horse trainer and an Old Etonian, is a friend of David Cameron and was introduced to his wife, Rebekah, by Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson, another of the so-called "Chipping Norton set", a group of high-flying political and media types who live on Oxfordshire. He married Rebekah Wade, as she then was, in June 2009.

Cameron has described Brooks as "a good friend for over 30 years". The 49-year-old started his career as a stable hand for racing legend Fred Winter and became an amateur jockey, riding in the Grand National and winning at the Cheltenham festival.

He became one of the youngest racehorse trainers in the country in 1989. Brooks returned to training in November last year after a 13-year absence and has two horses racing in the next week.

Brooks is a longstanding racing columnist for the Daily Telegraph, has written a non-fiction work, Crossing the Line, and is the author of a thriller, Citizen.

Brooks's lifestyle was illustrated in Tatler magazine when it featured a 2009 profile of the couple. "When Charlie Brooks wakes up in the mornings at his barn in Oxfordshire, he likes nothing better than to fly to Venice from Oxford airport with his soon-to-be-wife Rebekah Wade, the dazzling redhead editor of The Sun, for lunch at Harry's Bar," it reported.

He was arrested along with his wife the day before the Cheltenham festival in March. Just that week, he had described the opening day of Cheltenham as "the happiest moment of my year".

Cheryl Carter

Carter, 47, was Brooks's longstanding personal assistant and worked with her for 19 years. She was taken into custody in January in Essex on suspicion of attempting to pervert the course of justice and has been rebailed three times since.

Carter, who had planned to emigrate to Australia, worked with Brooks when she was editor of the News of the World and the Sun and continued to be her PA when Brooks was elevated to the News International chief executive's role in 2009.

In 2003 Carter was given her own beauty column in the Sun and went on to co-found her own makeup brand, Famous.

On Thinkingslimmer.com she dished out tips on everything from how to get glossy lips to the nourishing and hydrating qualities of rosewater.

As recently as July, she was listed as the Sun's beauty editor.

Mark Hanna

Hanna had 18 years' experience in corporate security prior to joining News International as the head of security in 2009, according to his LinkedIn profile.

He was vice-president (security) at the Japanese investment bank Nomura International and before that worked for Wilson James, the manned security services company.

He started his career in the army where he was involved in explosives, close observation and royal protection.

A high flyer with a pedigree in top-notch security, he started the London Intelligence Share Transferred Electronic Network in 2004, a service for the security professionals who wanted to share intelligence.

In 2010 he got News International to sponsor the Security Institute's annual conference.

He was on the editorial board of Professional Security magazine and was a judge of the 2011 Security Excellence Awards organised by UBM.

Hanna is still employed by News International.

Paul Edwards

Edwards was Brooks's chauffeur but was not one of the longstanding pool of drivers that served the executive floor in Wapping.

Daryl Jorsling

Jorsling was a security consultant who was contracted to News International via an outsourcing company.