Tuesday, May 22, 2012

#McCann: KEVIN HALLIGEN EXTRADITION DECISION - Issued on the internet tomorrow (23 May) around 10.00am

Kevin Halligen : The MADDIE Rat Who Tried To Sue The Fund Screamed The SUN.


Kevin Halligen - known to the McCanns originally as Richard Halligen until they suddenly found out one day that he was using multiple aliases - has been in Belmarsh Prison for 948 days - over 2.5 years.

For most of 2008, he was the lead investigator for the McCanns, the boss of what was said to be an international private detective and security agency. Then the McCanns sacked him, having paid him £500,000 PLUS expenses.

Worse was to follow. He was exposed by the Evening Standard in August 2009 as a serial con-man and fraudster who, instead of looking for Madeleine, had spent most of his time and money (a) knocking back double whiskies in a posh London club and (b) living the high life in New York and London with his girlfriend Shirin Trachiotis.

Even worse was to follow: in October 2009, whilst living it up in a £700-a-night 5-star Oxfordshire hotel, he was arrested, wanted by the U.S. to face a $2 million fraud charge. He has been in Belmnarsh ever since, for 948 days - or just over 22,750 hours.

Ever since October 2009, he has been fighting extradition, believed to have cost the taxpayer a hefty 5-figure sum, as it's understood that he's on legal aid.

TOMORROW (23 May) the Supreme Court will deliver a final judgment on whether or not he should be extradited, and will promulgate the decision ONLINE at about 10.00am at this link:

 - then click on the box 'Supreme Court Live'.
Details of tomorrow's court sittings are at

A summary judgment will be read out in open court ar around 9.45am.

Even if the decision goes against Halligen, there is still the possibility that he could appeal to the European Court on Human Rights.

Halligen signed a contract with the McCann Team worth half a million pounds. He would be able to inform the Scotland Yard Review Team of the precise purpose for which he was hired by the McCann Team, how he was supervised and monitored, and just what he did to advance the search for Madeleine.

It is not known whether the head of the SY Review Team, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, has yet asked any of his staff to talk to Kevin Halligen. Nor is it known if, when they went to Barcelona, any of Redwood's men interviewed the McCanns' lead investigator during the previous year, Antonio Gimenez Raso. Raso was arrested in February 2009 and has since spent the last 1,192 days in prison, awaiting trial on charges of being a member of a violent drug gang for a decade, for five years of which he was a senior police officer working for the Catalonian Regional Police drug squad (see Research Section on this forum). After leaving his police post in late 2004, he immediately went to work for controversial Spanish detective agency Metodo 3, where he worked very closely with Brian Kennedy, the Cheshire businessman who has for 4.5 years run the McCann Team's controversial private investigations. Until he was thrown into jail, that is.Research Tony Bennett.

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