Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#McCann : #IsabelCelis : As money becomes in focus, the attorneys will fall over each other trying to get to them first.

Tucson Police must now make their move on Sergie and Becky Celis, and demand that they come clean now, about what happened to Isabel, and who they are protecting, before their media exposure goes any further, and a media hungry self-serving attorney steps up.

The parents are now becoming emboldened by the soft-toss questioning from media, and will soon be approached by a network to do a Made for TV movie.

As money becomes in focus, the attorneys will fall over each other trying to get to them first.

Once they are hooked up to an attorney, the chances of getting an admission become increasingly slim.

We don't know what happened to Isabel, but we know that she was not kidnapped and that she is dead, which is why there is no urgency in the parents to get her back.

On a nationally televised interview of their "kidnapped" daughter, there was no talk of being kidnapped, found, or taken.

Now Sergie is singing for the camera, playing ball, having lots of "fun":  the very things  a father of a kidnapped child would not be doing.  Becky is growing in boldness and her sassy appearance on TV will draw in the producers who will start talking make overs and publicity.  The parents are clearly ready, and the window of opportunity is closing.

They are even bold enough to talk about starting to "heal" and move on, past Isabel.

If the police case is weak, and all they have is failed polygraphs, and the belief that at 6:30 in the morning, Sergie and the uncle, perhaps, whisked Isabel's body out of there, now is the time to have the confrontational demand for an admission, in which police even threaten to remove the other children from them, which may sufficiently frighten them into revealing what happened.

If not, it may become just another...

Baby Lisa

Baby Ayla

Hailey Dunn

Kyron Horman

and others where police know basically who is responsible but without the body, there is no justice.

They can't let this happen.

If police where as close as I believe they were into getting an admission from Deborah Bradley, only to find it completely destroyed by a mercenary attorney's arrival, Tucson police must learn the lesson of Baby Lisa.

Money perverts justice.

Police are smart enough to know that they don't have a stranger abduction here, but two parents who's only desperation is to get back to life without Isabel, and they must act now before the parents' media appearances attract someone from what has become the most unethical of professions, like blood draws in a shark.

If that happens, we may have yet another cold case before us.


Kate McCann on her childs abduction. Clearly broken hearted!