Tuesday, May 8, 2012

#McCann #IsabelCelis: Big Bucks And Simulated Abductions - The Future For Children Who Die While In Their Parents Care.

The McCanns and Clarence Mitchell are perverse , they have been perverted by money. News International ,the McCann's backers will run and run with the 'Maddie story' and it is pointless for me to flog a dead horse but not for the McCanns who will continue to flog Madeleine to the highest bidder.
I shall therefore post articles on other parents who  fake their childs abduction and then go on to enjoy life from their childrens remains, begging for donations to help find their 'missing' child.  I shall use McCann videos to show deception and help those to understand why many are firm in their stand that the McCanns are involved in Madeleines disappearance.This week it is the turn of Isabel Celis,  sadly next week there will be another dead child, another simulated abduction and parents that will gladly  sell their story to the big TV Networks for a better life. Isabel Celis , now forgotten by her parents, they have moved on and there are big bucks to be made.
Parents are getting smarter by the day at disposing of their childrens bodies, they hide them in places where they know they will never be found . Without a body or even with a body as in the Casey Anthony case parents still walk and it is hard to get a conviction without a body, Suzanne Pilley was the exception.
The latest from Peter on Isabel Celis.
Statement Analysis of what the parents have said, however, indicates that they are deceptive about what happened to Isabel, and about the father's involvement.

Parents of missing children naturally speak of the child in the present tense:  this is such a powerful instinct that when a parent slips into the past tense, it is a linguistic indication that the parent knows or believes that the child is deceased.

In January of 2011, Statement Analysis covered this in the case of then missing 13 year old Hailey Dunn.  Her mother spoke of her in the past tense on The Nancy Grace Show.  This, along with noted deceptive statements told us that Hailey was deceased.  At the time, the analysis was met with anger and was said to be giving up "hope" for Hailey.  As the weeks turned into months, the anger subsided.  Eventually, news of drugs, violence, child pornography and other issues told the nation all it needed to know about what happened to Hailey.  Her remains have not been found.

Susan Smith reported her sons kidnapped by a car jacker.  In her tearful televised interview she said her "boys needed her" which referenced them in the past tense.  Statement Analyst and author, Mark McClish wrote, "didn't her boys still need her?" as he highlighted that she was showing knowledge that the boys were not "missing" but were dead.

Casey Anthony said that her child's nanny kidnapped 2 year old Caylee and spoke of her in the present tense, as if alive, until she slipped, "Caylee loved the park" in the past tense, giving us the linguistic signal that, against all Solomonic understanding of maternal instinct, Caylee was dead. 

Babysitter, turned step mother, Misty Croslin did the same thing, just hours after calling 911 about missing 5 year old Haleigh Cummings.  "I loved that girl like she was my own" she said. We took notice that "loved" was in the past tense, and, along with analysis from her 911 call, concluded:  Haleigh would not be found alive. 

Baby Lisa case showed the same thing including that the mother called out after media saying "we're grieving", which, if taken alone, could be argued that she was grieving at not having her child, but when taken with all the other deceptive indicators, we concluded that Lisa was dead.  Shortly after this analysis, we heard her attorney say that the mother, Deborah Bradley, was "fully" cooperating.  We noted that "fully" modifies the word "cooperating" with a need to emphasize.  Sure enough, she had "cooperated" by allowing police to search only portions of the house, but not everywhere.  Later, a cadaver dog hit on the bedroom, confirming what we had already known just by listening ot the mother.

Justin DiPietro said that his daughter, toddler, Ayla Reynolds, "was" in his sole custody when she went missing, giving us the same signal.  If I had custody of my daughter and she was kidnapped, my custodial rights did not change.  Ayla, we reported, was dead, and the father is not telling the truth.  Later we learned that 6 weeks before reporting her missing, he took out a life insurance policy against her.  Her blood was found, in a large quantity, in his basement, but Ayla's remains have yet to be found.

While his daughter is allegedly being held in a kidnapping, Sergie and his sons have already begun the "healing" process.  How could a father play baseball, sing, or heal while his little girl is held by strangers?

He said his daughter, "wa...uh, is..." beginning with the past tense reference. 

When a child goes missing, there is no text book on how to behave.  If your child wanders away in the woods, the first thing a parent does is call the child's name:  there is no text book to teach a parent to call a child's name.

If the parent does not call the child's name, the parent has a reason not to.

For days after reporting Isael kidnapped, the parents did not call her name.  For most of us, this told us all we needed to know about them.

"We've made it through worse" Becky said when asked about finances.  I cannot imagine anything worse.

Since then, the  parents have spoken out, and their words have only confirmed what we had felt during the days of their silence:  they are withholding information purposely.

Statement Analysis is the science of the study of words.

It's principles are applied in the same manner, case after case, and produce similar results.

The principles applied to Casey Anthony's words are the very same principles applied to the words of:

Amanda Knox.
Justin DiPietro
OJ Simpson
Roger Clemons
Shawn Adkins
Jeremy Irwin
Sergie Celis
Michael Jackson
Scott Peterson

and so many others who have hit the news.....read more


The McCanns did not call out for Madeleine, the parents did not search for Madeleine