Monday, May 21, 2012

#McCann: Paulo Reis - A Strange Couple And Lack Of Evidence In The Hire Car.

Paulo has left this information on his twitter page (2 links) for those who are interested in searching for the truth.

A post from TEZZA , the same poster from the above link.

After reading Paulo's links I then remembered the statement from Yvonne Warren-Martin. I  have no idea if there is a connection.

Someone also reminded me on twitter 'They've taken her'

 She identified herself and presented her credentials and immediately began talking to the mother of the missing child as she was visibly upset with the situation.

- During the conversation the mother told her that she did not understand why a couple had abducted her daughter.
- However, the third individual overheard this conversation and interrupted Ms. Martin and took the McCann couple away from her. 

 This same individual came shortly afterwards to tell her that the couple did not want to talk to her any further and did not require her help - an action that appeared quite strange to her.

Suzanne Pilley murder trial there was no body and NO forensic evidence, cadaver dog BUSTER hit where Susan's dead body had been hidden.