Monday, October 18, 2010


While there are those amongst us who still question and try to find answers to what really happened in PDL , for those who do know, and were involved on that fateful night, it is an event of the past. Life goes on. There has not been any news as to what became of the tapas 7, except from the local paper where Dr.Oldfield lives.

Dr.Oldfield is part of a strong team delegation trying to save Kingston Hospital.

Article dated Tuesday 16th February 2010

Kingston Hospital under threat

The future of Kingston Hospital is under discussion after leaked evidence from a confidential south-west London-wide review of the NHS backed up MPs claims that closure of the thriving A+E and maternity units was being considered.

Out of 18 options decided on before Christmas by clinicians carrying out the review, 16 involved the loss of a major service at Kingston.

Liberal Democrat MPs have launched a "Save Kingston Hospital Campaign" while Tories say they are not convinced of the threat, but are promising to halt the review if David Cameron comes to power.

To make up your mind keep visiting the Surrey Comet for all the latest news on the hospital.

If you have an opinion or a question you would like to put to the NHS about the review, email Surrey Comet chief reporter David Lindsell at

Threat to Kingston Hospital? The 100 GPs, surgeons and consultants deciding the future of Kingston's healthcare

Consultants from Kingston Hospital, GPs and a representative from the council make up Kingston's 15-strong delegation.

The review is looking at six different service areas and started last summer.
But they have still to produce their first public report.

Kingston's representatives

Children’s services (17 people)
- Andy Winrow Consultant Paediatrician Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
- Maggie Clancy Lead Nurse Paediatrics Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
- Ruth Chapman Child Protection Lead NHS Kingston

Maternity and new born (12 people)

- Jane Wilson (co-chair) Medical Director Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
- Richard Stacey Obstetric Anaethetist Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

Planned care and end of life (15 people)

- Helen Dirilen Director of Nursing NHS Kingston
- Nazim Jivani (co-chair) PEC Chair NHS Kingston
- Sarah Evans Consultant Radiologist Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
- Shahid Jawed Consultant Rheumatologist Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

Polysystems, mental health, long-term conditions and staying healthy (32 people)
- John Chinegwundoh Chest Physician Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
- Mark Spring Consultant Endocrinologist Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
- Naeem Iqbal PEC GP NHS Kingston
- Phil Moore PEC Vice Chair NHS Kingston
- Simon Pearce Head of Community Care Services Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames

Specialist services under London review (3 people)

- Phil Moore (co-chair) PEC Vice Chair NHS Kingston

Urgent, unscheduled and emergency care (16 people)

 - Andrew Neil Care of the Elderly Kingston Hospital and NHS Wandsworth

- Matthew Oldfield Acute Medicine Consultant Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

 Kingston Doctor is Maddy witness. 2007