Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The arrival of Danie Krugel

Pages 186-187

The McCanns are approached by Danie Krugel who speaks of his ‘matter orientation system’. He needs some of Madeleine’s hairs to establish where she is. The McCanns are ‘excited’ and arrange to get five hairs and two eyelashes from Madeleine's pillow and clothing and they are duly despatched to Mr Krugel. He comes back soon and pinpoints Madeleine as still in Praia da Luz, but says he needs to come to the Algarve to get a more precise location. The McCanns agree. Krugel doesn’t let anyone examine his machine ‘to protect my trade secrets’.

Is this to explain away why McCann had to return to Rothley to collect Madeleines pillowcase due to no DNA of hers found in the apartment ?

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