Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kate McCann distances herself from the attempted framing of Raymond Hewlett

The McCann's have led the British media around by the nose since May 3rd 2007, when this circus began . Their next patsy was to be Raymond Hewlett they were bored with smearing Murat and thought they would have more mileage with a known paedophile.

Kate claims she was warned by her 'top investigator'....' that a British tabloid would be running a piece the following day about a convicted paedophile called Raymond Hewlett, who had been staying in Tavira on the Algarve in May 2007. The proximity of Tavira to Praia da Luz and the fact that this man was a paedophile ticked all the boxes for the redtop papers, and they jumped on the story. All of a sudden, Hewlett was cast as the man who could have taken Madeleine.'

Kate claims she and her husband were exasperated... 'We now knew that there had been hundreds of paedophiles on the Algarve at that time and if, God forbid, one of them had been involved, Hewlett seemed a less likely candidate than a lot of others. He was in his sixties, for a start, much older than the man seen by Jane and other witnesses. But to the press that was irrelevant. They had a name and a photograph and they were off.'

They were desperate for someone to investigate Hewlett,....' not because we thought he had anything to do with taking Madeleine but because we wanted to eliminate him from the inquiry and quickly put an end to the media speculation. But the UK authorities told us they couldn’t help. (‘It’s a Portuguese investigation . . .’)'

Kates concern...'the media would take the line that it was probably him, Madeleine was dead, game over, and we would be left with an uphill struggle to prevent this theory from becoming established. All the hard work we’d done recently to motivate the public to believe in our search again, and to undo the harm being done by Gonçalo Amaral, would be ruined.' 


Kate claims her main worry ....'was that Hewlett, who had terminal throat cancer, would die before anyone took an official statement from him.'

When Kate refers to 'all of their hard work to motivate the public 'she does of course mean PR stunts published by the media, sightings, red herrings to take the heat from her and her husband and to convince the public to keep donating to their private company . This is what Kate and Gerry call hard work, swindling decent good people out of their money .

Kate whines on  ' the tabloid interest in Hewlett raged on until July. In the meantime, he was questioned in connection with a case dating back to 1975, but not by Leicestershire or Portuguese officers. He also spoke to the tabloids, but refused to see our investigators unless we paid him to do so. He died a few months later.'

'he refused to see our investigators unless we paid him'???? we have a man, a known paedophile , who may have held vital information ? Is this not what the fund is for, the reward, to pay such people for information? BUT we must remember Hewlett had absolutely nothing to do with Madeleines death, he said so himself ' I did not kill the girl' even Hewlett did not believe their story and knew Maddie was dead . PR stunts like these, with innocent men framed , help to exonarate the McCanns in the publics eye, or at least that is what they believe.

However , as Kate McCann knows her lies will always find her out... a run down of how the McCanns, since the death of Raymond Hewlett at least through the press, persecuted his wife as a PR stunt. I can honestly say I have never witnessed such evil!

McCanns continue to persecute and use a dead HEWLETT ... his widow Mariana Schmuecker, unable to defend herself as MURDOCH'S News of the World starts the PR machine for their book 'an account of the truth'

MADELEINE McCann: With just a few weeks to go until the Sun serialises the McCanns’ official Our Maddie book, the NoTW brings news of Kate McCann’s “plea” to the widow of Raymond Hewlett. He was the convicted sex criminal labelled “Maddie paedo” and “Maddie Pervert” in the tabloids. He made no death bed confession.

Matthew Drake tells readers:
HEARTBROKEN Kate McCann is pleading with the widow of a dead paedophile to break her silence in the hunt for snatched daughter Madeleine.
But Mariana Schmuecker – herself a mother of six -has snubbed FOUR requests to reveal secrets about her husband, convicted child rapist Raymond Hewlett.
She has snubbed requests to reveal secrets? This woman has done nothing wrong, yet she is said to be the keeper of secrets that can help Kate McCann discover what happened to her daughter.
Detectives believe what she knows could hold the vital key to their investigation.
Believe. Could. Such are the facts. And these detectives are the McCanns’ private detectives.
When the News of the World confronted her the callous German just snarled: “Clear off! I’m sick to death of hearing about Maddie McCann!”
She is labelled callous because she does not want to talk about a missing child to the tabloid press?
Hewlett once spoke with the Sun:
SUN: Why don’t you eliminate yourself from the inquiry for the sake of the McCanns?
HEWLETT: I don’t have to speak to you. F*** off.
He added:
“I have never seen her and anyone who says anything different is wrong.”
Like them?
And then there is this:
But Mariana, who suddenly shipped off to Morocco with Hewlett just three weeks after Maddie’s disappearance, has stayed tight- lipped – even about her partner’s flawed alibi.
Mariana might care to talk with her lawyers before she talks with the press.
A source close to the McCanns told us: “Through detectives Kate has begged Mariana to speak out and hopes she will do the right thing. As a mother herself you’d think she’d want to help.”
As another, she may take exception to being called “callous” and having her name linked to a missing child.
A source close to the investigation said: “Our detectives are pretty certain Mariana knows a lot about Hewlett’s background and activities. That would open up doors to paedophile networks in the Algarve.
“We were never able to rule Hewlett out as a suspect. He’d have had useful information and we’re convinced Mariana is more than able to fill in the gaps. But she just tells us to go away or puts the phone down.”
Raymond Hewlett was never a suspect. He was a  person of interest to the McCanns.
If the detectives are “convinced” that the woman knows about paedos on the Algarve, why don’t they tell the police and let them deal with her?
“We want to know WHO she knows, and WHAT she’s heard about possible routes to spirit a child out of the country.”
Why should she know anything?
“She and Hewlett left Portugal at a rate of knots because he feared being associated with Madeleine’s disappearance.”
And not, as it seems, without due cause.
“We wanted to know about the six children Mariana and Hewlett had because none of them had any official birth documents. And there was a seventh child who died in mysterious circumstances.”
It’s getting worse.
“They never explained how they could move from country to country with the children despite having no passports.”
How do we know they have no passports?

Madeleine McCann is missing – still missing.