Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mumsnet and Joanne Griffin. June 2007

Joanne Griffin ,who ever she may be ,was very active on the McCann campaign trail in 2007, she helped open up branches in Turkey and Greece. A  search for a lost child was turning into a cult. Groups making plans and taking action commanded by Dr.Gerald McCann. Madeleine was dead and the McCanns had suckered the world.

Quote from blogger on Mumsnet Talk.

Hello all!

As you have mentioned Joanne Griffin, I thought it would be useful to see what she had done and what your group had done and try to make some sort of list that combines both - If you would like me to I am halfway through it and should be able to get it done today and then you can add whatever you like to it!

Here is the general idea of what Joanne has been up to:
Hey fellow 'helpers' (don't know what else to call us... we are trying to 'help', so it makes us 'helpers')

I don't really know how to thankyou all for responding to my messages on various forums etc... just thankyou is all I can say. We are all people with something in common. We wish to help that little girl be found. We all feel the same way. Gerry McCann was right when he said that out of one evil vile act has come so much goodness.

Just a few things that have come up today.

Firstly, I have been made aware of a petition at the Downing Street website. Here is what the petition says....

I believe I speak for our nation when I say that the people of Britain want to help find Madeleine McCann & bring her safely home. Not only is she a little girl, she is a British citizen and as such deserves our every effort in finding her. I petition the Prime Minister to send EVERY available intelligence & resource to assist in the search, and use every contact, of which he has many, to get Madeleine back. Thank you, PLS FORWARD TO ALL YOUR CONTACTS.

The web address for you to sign, if you have not already done so is

You will receive a 'follow-up' email, which you have to respond to in order for your signature to be verified and included.

Secondly, myself and some others are formulating a 'HOW YOU CAN HELP' list, which we anticipate being able to email on to our contacts, and to everybody we have emailed the poster/banner to. Should you have any good ideas then please email me and let me know. I will read every single response, but probably wont reply, as my email box is jam packed with a good few hours worth of processing new emails from people wishing to register their willingness to help.

Thirdly, keep recruiting to 'the helpers'. On forums, by texts, by email, by phone, by mums at the school gate (dads as well) by the intranet at work. By flyers, by notices in the local post office window...

Finally, such has been the response to my asking for fellow 'helpers', I have to start thinking about a website. (? I am a nurse and Health Visitor by trade, and have got ZERO experience with web design. If you know of somebody, have any contacts, or can help me directly, please email me on my personal email address

End of Joanne email.

I live in Leicestershire and my son was treated by the cardiac team at Glenfield and a colleague of mine was diagnosed by Gerry Mccann and his life was saved by surgery. This couple are working at saving lives I guess that's why so many of us want to help them too!