Thursday, November 18, 2010

The accomplices

Many times after reading 'The deleted calls' by Paulo Reis, I believe his hard work explaining in 'laymans terms' for which I am eternally grateful , comes closest to revealing the timeline of when Madeleine died and it was long before the evening May, 3rd. The maid/cleaner when entering the McCanns apartment the morning of May 2nd noticed one cot in the parents room and one cot in the room Madeleine used. An observation making perfect sense if the McCanns were interrupted in the middle of preparing the scene of an 'abduction' (May 3rd both cots were together). The cleaner also said 'the children were not there'  why would she say this ?  perhaps other times the children had been present, because of their absence  she assumed they were in the creche, she also noticed the crumpled bed, this would be the bed Kate later claimed she slept in after having an argument with her husband, then where had Madeleine slept? the other bed she noticed, unused.

 The crying incident ' Why did'nt you come when me and Sean were crying'  thrown in 'as proof '  Madeleine was still alive , words the McCanns could use at a much later date to their full advantage to pour more scorn on their neglect. The time chosen,  could not have been more 'ideal' taking the heat away from the Tapas group who were in the middle of their rogatory interviews and  the McCanns themselves, out of the country 'do gooders forAmber Alert'.  Shocking truth was revealed , not so much the leaking of the statements (although any excuse to bash the PJ) but the fact the parents 'still' left the children after Madeleine had asked her parents such a heartbreaking question. Madeleine, if I read deeply into the 'deleted calls'could not have said those words for the simple reason, she was already was only her parents words keeping her alive until the eve of May 3rd.

Russell O'Brien , Gerry's main accomplice along with his good friend Matt seemed to have played the major roles in removing Madeleine's remains from the apartment, if this scenario is to be believed ,that is. Russell said Matt was ill Sunday night and stayed in his apartment and yet Russell says in his statement he went to check on Matts children with Matts keys Sunday evening? oooops.... Russell O'Brian, a terrible liar , an even worse memory for his lies.

Russell also states he saw Madeleine twice the morning of May 3rd, of this he is very sure and then his life takes on a haze and he cannot remember if he saw her later that day.

Wednesday evening May 2nd, the group seemed to want to 'make their mark', drink more, stay longer , move away from the table and sit at the bar...why?  to be noticed and to be remembered. Rachael absent, due to sickness? or caring for a group of children who were never left on their own in the evenings?

The afternoon boat trip May 3rd with Russell and Matt, the perfect way to dispose of Madeleines remains.

 I went out with Matt sailing, I Jane was looking after Evie.  Whilst I was out sailing with Matt he fell in the water, I had to sail back to save him this made the day quite memorable

The evening of May 3rd,  to create a simulated abduction using the child closest to the age of Madeleine. Tanners sick child ,would have been a   sedated child?.... What they did not count on was Gerry bumping into Jez Wilkins.


Kate McCann May 4th statement 'the abductor was wearing jeans and had long hair'but best to ask Jane'.
Gerry McCann sat in with his wife when she was interviewed ,he could have corrected her about Jane's description ,surely this would have been crucial to get this right? the man Jane 'saw' was wearing beige trousers. Jane has changed her mind many times but never about the clothing. Gerry chose not to interrupt and correct his wife.  Deliberate? I believe so.

Russell O'Brien in his statement said he was wearing jeans (brown) the night, May 3rd. When one thinks of jeans we always think 'blue'. Jane, so quick to explain without being asked she did not take jeans on holiday with her. 

Not a lot of trust among the group if Kate was trying at such an early stage to set-up her good friends Tanner and O'Brien  if everything went pear shaped.

Kate May 4th said to Social worker Yvonne Warren , a couple took Madeleine.

I have previously made my statement to the Portuguese Police in relation to my holiday visit to Portugal in April-May 2007. I stayed in the resort of Praia Da Luz and was there at the time of the disappearance of Madeleine Beth MC CANN. I had travelled to Portugal with my wife Jane TANNER, and our two daughters Ella and Evie, also travelling with us was our friends Matthew OLDFIELD, Rachael MAMPILLY and their daughter Grace. We were due to meet our mutual friends over in Portugal David and Fiona PAYNE, their two daughters Lilly and Scarlett along with Fiona’s mother Dianne WEBSTER, and Kate and Gerry MC CANN and their three children Madeleine, Sean and Amelie.  We arrived in Portugal on Saturday 28th April 2007.

On the 8th April 2008 officers from Leicestershire Constabulary interviewed me in order to clarify certain points and in order for me to provide further information where possible. The interviews were visually recorded, however I understand that due to technical difficulties the equipment failed to record. I have been informed that these questions arise from an official request from the Portuguese authorities. I am aware that my statement will be subject to the Portuguese Criminal Code in addition to English Law.

I have been informed that this statement has been made from the monitoring notes which were taken at the time of the interviews being conducted.

I have been given the opportunity to refresh my memory from the statement made by Jane TANNER (my wife) and I have been allowed to see these documents, this was done in the presence of DC 1578 GIERC. I wish to add that Jane’s statement covered our routine from the 28th April 2007-2nd May 2007 quite comprehensively and my original Portuguese statement referred to Jane’s statement, this was therefore a good point of reference for me.

The following statements are answers given in response to the questions asked of me during the interviews, in the order that the questions were asked. (page 1)

We have been away before as couples and have had various conversations about going away as families, the planning took place in January 2007, this was around the time that Jane and I were moving with the girls to Exeter- 3rd January 2007.

It was Fiona and David PAYNE’S idea to go away and Jane and I were more than happy for them to do the organising as we were busy with moving house. We had all been away on Mark Warner holiday’s before, and they seemed to be a good destination. There were emails between us as a group, mainly exchanged with Matt and Dave, things weren’t so straight forward as we were all living in different parts of the country which made planning things very difficult. I am aware that David had made various requests to the Mark Warner Company and one of which was that all the apartments were to be in the same block, and preferably all to be near by to each other.

I am aware that Matt had replied to an email sent by Dave, and by mistake had included Mark Warner on the same reply I recall that it said something along the lines of ‘Go Dave Go’. Dave is quite certain about what he expects from things, and is quite aware of his consumer rights and entitlements although it seemed to be quite trivial to me at the time. We were aware from the various emails that the resort was quite spread out, and Dave strived to keep us all together.  I feel that this may have been construed by Mark Warner staff as having been annoying and the staff member receiving it may have been annoyed by it, I feel that this could be looked upon badly.

We flew out from Gatwick airport having stayed the night with Matt and Rachael at their home which was near to the airport. The others flew out later the same day from East Midlands Airport.

This was the first holiday that we had been on with the MC CANN family we had been away previously with the others in the group. We had been due to go away as couples to Majorca in 2005 but Jane had found out that she was pregnant days after we had booked the holiday, as far as I am aware our places had been given to another couple I believe by the name of Tara and Stuart GOLD.

I’d describe our relationship with the couples as very good, I had met David PAYNE at Medical School in 1989 and we had stayed in Halls and Student Houses together, I met Fiona in 1993/1994 and was best-man at their wedding in 2003, we all went out to Tuscany in Italy for their Wedding.  I recall that Matt and Rachael were there as were Gerry and Kate.  I met Matt in my first year as a Doctor this was in around 1994, again I was close friends with him we lived in the same house, and I was best-man at their wedding in 1999.  I have remained friends with Matt he moves around a lot and has worked in several places and countries.

I would say that our relationship with Kate and Gerry MC CANN is not as close as with the other two couples, I first met Gerry when he was speaking at a conference in Atlanta in 1999, and I recall that we both had interest in the same aspects of cardiology.  I recall that we exchanged emails with each other to discuss various aspects of our research.  Gerry moved to the Glenfield hospital and worked in the same department as I did but I was based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, at that time Gerry was my equivalent at Glenfield and a voice at the end of the phone- I’d say this was in 2001-2002.

I’d say that we have known Kate and Gerry on a more personal level since 2002-2003 when both Kate and Jane were pregnant with Madeleine/Ella.  At the beginning of their pregnancies they had been given a similar due date, although Madeleine was born about a month before (page 2) Ella.  Our friendship increased through Fiona and Dave, we would often see Kate and Gerry at their house on occasions.

I recall that on one occasion Kate and Gerry visited us with Madeleine, I think that the girls must have been around 9months old as they were crawling.  Other than that I don’t recall them visiting us again, I know that we have been to their house for Madeleine’s 1st and 2nd birthdays but I would say that we hadn’t spent any considerable time at the MC CANN’S home.

In relation to Kate HEALY/MC CANN I have only really met her since Madeleine was born, or through our meeting with Dave and Fiona.

Dianne WEBSTER is Fiona’s mother we obviously met her through Fiona and Dave PAYNE, we have been friends with them for some time meeting them at Fiona and Dave’s house.  We have been for trips out on their boat I’d say we know Dianne quite well.

As far as I am aware there were no others due to go to Portugal, I think that Dave and Fiona had thought of asking others, but Jane and I thought that nine adults were enough.  I recall that Dave and Fiona had mentioned another couple by the name of Dave and Fiona BURLING who live somewhere in Maidenhead but I am not entirely sure whether or not they were actually asked or invited.  I am aware that Dianne was a late edition, but I am not sure when she was booked onto the holiday.

In relation to there being any group hierarchy I’d say that that wasn’t at all the case, Dave, Matt and I have all been close friends since Medical school and see each other as equals, I don’t know Gerry quite as well but there is no problem with him fitting into the group.  I am aware that Dave and Gerry know each other very well.

The flight out to Portugal on the Saturday was early it was around 08:00am we all sat together on the flight and I recall that is where I first saw Jez WILKINS, he was sat near to Matt on the aisle.  I recall that a lot of people were speaking to one and another as people do on the plane, we landed around 10:00am and waited for the baggage, on our arrival we were met by Mark Warner staff.

We were taken out of the airport and out onto the buses waiting nearby, we sat in the middle of the coach on the right hand side.  I recall that Charlotte PENNINGTON who was a nanny at Mark Warner was also sat on the bus- I believe that she looked after Fiona and Dave’s kids.  It was reported in the press that she had seen Kate and Gerry at the airport but I don’t see how that would have been possible as I don’t believe they had arrived by then, I believe that their flight arrived an hour or so after ours did.

Whilst we were on the bus we were given welcome packs and from what I recall we had been allocated room numbers and the packs I do not believe that it included the apartment keys (5D) but I cannot be sure.  I recall that there was also a map of the area.

When we arrived we parked near to the apartment reception and we were taken to our room around lunchtime.  I recall sending a text message to Gerry and Dave to say that we had arrived and also a text to a friend from Germany- who had tried to ring me, I had sent a message to tell them I was away on holiday.

I recall we all went to the pool as the kids wanted to swim, it was a windy and cold I’d say it was mid afternoon time, I remember that the PAYNE’S and MC CANN’S arrived at some point whilst we were all at the pool.  We all went to the welcome meeting at the Tapas Bar on Saturday and I think that we may have gone to another one but I cannot be sure. (page 3)

I recall that they spoke about where to eat, the nannies introduced themselves and I recall that there were various people there from the sporting activities recruiting for their events/activities.

We all went to the Millennium restaurant that evening including the children it was a 10minute walk this was around 18:00-18:30hours, it was at this meal that Matt began to feel quite unwell.  We didn’t stay out late so that we could put the children to bed as it had been a long and tiring day, Jane and I didn’t stay up particularly late as we all felt tired too.

The respective apartments were as follows Dave, Fiona and Dianne 5H, empty apartment 5C, Matt and Rachael 5B- which was a smaller apartment and Kate and Gerry were in 5A.  I believe that the apartments were allocated to fit in with the number in each individual group- as I said previously the allocations appeared to be done prior to our arrival and may have been done following Dave’s emails to Mark Warner.

I recall seeing Jez around the Mark Warner complex we didn’t speak much I hadn’t met him prior to being on the plane, I can’t recall him being on the coach from the airport but I think that he must have been on there as he was staying at the same resort.  I don’t know what apartment he was staying in at Mark Warner, but I think it was quite near us.  I’d like to point out that we had had the occasional conversation on polite terms as well as seeing him at tennis.

Sunday 29th April 2007 I had booked into water-sports on the Saturday but I don’t think they operated on Sunday. I can’t recall exactly what I did on what day but I had booked to have windsurfing lessons and to do a bit of sailing.  My recollection now is a little poor due to the lapse in time I got up around 08:00-08:30am we had breakfast at the Millennium restaurant, we went down to the beach, played a bit of tennis- but as I’m not a brilliant player I wasn’t all that bothered about playing tennis.

We were booked into the Tapas bar, we ate there that night initially it was booked as a one off I think by Rachael as far as I am aware the table was booked for 20:30hours.  I am aware that Rachael asked to eat there each night for the remainder of our stay this I believe was booked on the Monday morning as a block booking- the time was agreed by the group.  Matt was unwell and I recall I went to see him, he had been suffering from a stomach upset so I can say that there were only eight adults at the Tapas bar that night.

The good thing about the Tapas bar was that it was quite near to the apartments, and the walk to the Millennium was quite far away, the Tapas bar was also used by the kids club for afternoon tea.

Kate and Gerry weren’t so flexible about meal times as their children were in more of a routine, as were Dave and Fiona, where as Jane and I are slightly more accommodating and our children have been used to staying up late on occasions.  The bookings were made for the following week 20:30hours after the children were settled in bed.

In relation to the childcare routine it was a collective decision made as a group, Dave and Fiona used their two way child monitor to monitor their children.  Kate and Gerry made a physical check on their children.  Matt and Rachael made a physical check on Grace. Jane and I also made a physical check on Evie and Ella.

I’d like to point out that we knew that there was NOT a baby listening service, this had been picked up before our departure as there had been other inaccuracies in the brochure picked up by Dave, I believe that the brochure inaccuracies would be recorded in emails by David PAYNE. (page four)

Jane and I made checks between courses, and would generally alternate the visits, Kate and Gerry did their checks by the clock.  I’m aware that initially we would only check on our own rooms but on occasions we often listened at other apartment doors or windows, and made checks on some visits.

On Sunday I recall I checked Kate and Gerry’s apartment as well as Rachael and Matt’s. I had taken Matt’s keys and I believe that their door was deadlocked the same as ours and that I would have needed to turn the key two times.  We kept our shutters down, and the patio door was closed I am not sure whether theirs was the same.  I recall that Kate and Gerry’s apartment was accessed by the patios door which was left closed and unlocked.  I recall that their front door was accessed from the car-park access was easily gained to the apartment from the poolside.

All the meals were included in the booking as was a limited choice in drinks, if anything else was ordered there may have been a need to have made an additional payment.  I recall that orders may have been put onto a bar bill and paid at the end of the week.

Sunday we left the restaurant early around 22:00hours the service was reasonable and quite quick, times didn’t vary all that much we may have had a drink at the bar before going back to the apartment but I cannot be sure.

Generally of an evening we would drink beer or have a few glasses of wine, generally three to four glasses, I can honestly say that no-one in our group was ever drunk.  I’d say that generally we had five-six bottle of wine between the group of nine, it was a similar amount most nights.

Monday 30th April 2007 I recall I may have done some windsurfing this was just after I’d dropped Ella off at the kids club near the Ocean Club and Evie at crèche near to the Tapas bar.   I may have done some shopping but I really can’t be certain, I recall Jane, Kate and Gerry playing tennis.  We didn’t eat out at lunchtime we generally ate with Rachael and Matt and this was in our apartment or theirs, as well as at David and Fiona’s.  After Madeleine disappeared we all began eating lunch at Dave and Fiona’s apartment.

I think in the afternoon I may have been out with Matt, I had wanted to spend time as a family but Ella wanted to go to the kids club.  Monday to Wednesday I can say that the days were all very similar and it is difficult to distinguish one from each other.  I know that on one of the evenings either Monday or Tuesday I stayed in the flat with Evie as she wasn’t well Jane brought my meals over to me this was mentioned in my first statement.  I feel that this is more likely to have been Monday as I feel that we were all together as a group on Tuesday- nine adults.  I believe that this was when the Trivia quiz had taken place.

I recall going for a sailing lesson on Tuesday and Jane went to play tennis, we collected the kids as usual around lunchtime, Kate and Gerry had lunch in their apartment as they did on most days.  I went out in the afternoon to the beach I was with Matt and as far as I can recall we went out kayaking. The children were in bed as usual 19:30-20:00 they appeared to be well asleep and checked that they were prior to leaving the days were generally uneventful up until Thursday 3rd May 2007.

On Wednesday Rachael was ill, we stayed out later than normal, after our meal we sat around and then moved into the bar area we stayed for around 45minutes to an hour, this was our only ‘late night’ of the holiday, I recall we had a cocktail.  Checks were made as usual we would alternate completing the checks and this was done every half hour or so.  I listened at (page 5) the MC CANN’S apartment and believe that this was around 23:00hours, on all occasions the children were ok. During the week I checked on some occasions and listened at others.

On the 3rd May 2007 I saw Madeleine in the morning a couple of times this was when I dropped Ella off.  I took the kids up to breakfast at the Millennium club and walked to the Ocean Club I was late getting Ella there, the kids were having a great time at the kids club and all appeared to well.

I went to the flat with Evie, whilst she was resting I read a book.  When she woke up we went outside to watch Jane play tennis I saw Madeleine at lunchtime I can’t recall if Jane or I collected Ella it’s all a bit hazy now.

I recall that Jane had been having a tennis lesson also there was Kate and Rachael.  We were watching some children have their lesson this was before lunch.  I recall that one of the guests a guy from Southampton came over his daughter was playing tennis, he wanted to take a picture but expressed to us how uncomfortable he felt in doing so- he said something similar to feeling like a pervert or a dirty old man when taking a picture of his own child, I do not wish to implicate him.  I recall that the child was of a similar age to Madeleine and Ella.

I recall that Madeleine and Ella had had a similar lesson the day before.

We agreed that in this day and age taking a photograph of your own child you shouldn’t be made to feel uncomfortable, it was a horrible coincident.  I would like to stress that I do not think that this man had any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance.  I feel that it was a haunting coincidence.

Ella went back to the kids club and I went out with Matt sailing, I Jane was looking after Evie.  Whilst I was out sailing with Matt he fell in the water, I had to sail back to save him this made the day quite memorable that and it being the best day weather wise.  When we came back Jane was at the beach with the children, I recall that at some point around 17:00-17:30 Kate was out running she was dressed in her full running kit which was a vest and shorts- one item was grey and the other pale blue but I cannot say which way round.

When Kate ran past on her run she didn’t speak to us, but she did acknowledge us as a group.

We didn’t stick to our usual routine so much that day the children stayed with us and ate their tea at the bar by the beach called the Paridiso.  Everyone was there at the beach except Kate, Gerry and their kids.  I collected Ella from the Ocean Club before she went up to tea at the Tapas Bar, I cannot say whether Madeleine was there or not.

It was a warm day, good afternoon I recall that I went up to the social tennis around 18:00hours with Matt I think David went to the apartment and then up to Gerry’s.  I played tennis for around an hour to an hour and a half, Dan the tennis coach was also present, as were some other male guests and Gerry we played a mixture of singles and doubles.

The kids came up with Jane, Fiona and Rachael from the beach, but not the MC CANN’S children I presume that they were at the apartment.  They stayed for a short while before going back to the apartment to be bathed and put to bed.  I got back to the flat around 20:00hours as we were running late we had to take the rackets back with us.  The children were in bed Jane went down to the restaurant around 20:30-20:40hours I remained in the flat for another ten minutes or so waiting for them to settle down.  I went down to the Tapas bar the adults of 5H were running late as usual, David and Fiona are always late and it is a standing joke in our group.  Around 21:00hours Matt was going over to check on Grace so he said he would chase (page 6) the Payne’s up as we were all waiting to order and we were conscious that the waiting staff wanted us to place our orders.  I believe that he listened at the windows on his way to find the PAYNES having gone to check on Grace.

The evening was the same as evenings before Kate and Gerry were behaving entirely normally.

Following Madeleine’s disappearance and subsequent search we had made a time line together this will show what time Gerry left the table.  I don’t recall at what point but it was around 21:05 Gerry left the table was only away for a little while, Jane also went to check the children and was gone for a minute or so.  The children were ok she didn’t mention anything unusual.  After we had eaten the starters I needed to go to the toilet so Matt and I decided we would go and check on the children.  We walked together I recall that the light was fading I went straight to 5D I could hear Evie was murmuring.  I went into the apartment and Matt went into his.  I went to the toilet to urinate and then started to clean up Evie and change her, Matt came into my apartment and asked if I needed any help.  It was getting darker by this time.  I said to go back and tell Jane that Evie was unwell.

I sat in the lounge and read to Evie Jane came back having eaten her meal.  We stayed together in the apartment for around 5minutes.  I went across to the Tapas restaurant this would have been around 21:45hours, Jane remained with Evie.  The group joked about Jane having been to relieve me they were all in good humour.  Kate left the table there was nothing significant about her leaving but I think it was a similar time to my meal arriving.  I think that this would have been around 22:00hours, I didn’t have a watch or phone to check the time but Rachael did ask for the time and 22:00hours was mentioned.  I know that she didn’t leave straight after me arriving back as the waiters had agreed to cook me a fresh meal.

Kate returned through the reception area standing at the end of the path near the stones, and yelled over towards our table in the Tapas bar I cannot recall exactly what she yelled but it was along the lines of Maddy is missing.  We all got up immediately except Dianne who remained at the table.  I am fairly sure on the time, I have put a great deal of thought who may have been watching us during the week, but all appeared quite normal to us, the people who would have known our routine would have been the waiters.  I can’t recall any other people dining in the restaurant at the time, there would have been people in there but as we ate quite left they would have left during our meal.

We went over to Gerry and Kate’s apartment I didn’t go in to the apartment.  I can recall it would have been a similar layout to ours, although the furniture and décor was different to ours as the apartments are leased.  I didn’t go into the bedroom on this occasion, but I’d imagine that there are wardrobes in there as there are in ours.  When I had been into the apartment on previous occasions it had been dark.

During the interview I drew a seating plan of the Tapas bar and who was sitting where which I have previously marked and produced as my exhibit.

On the evening I was wearing brown jeans/cord style trousers, a pale blue stripe top, and Jane had taken my jumper which was blue.  The nights were quite chilly which is why Jane had my jumper I am quite used to the cold.