Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh dear, oh dear The Mail hanging the McCanns out to dry

Kate does not read all this rubbish.... giving enough rope to hang yourself?

Who is running this petition? Usually with a petition you are asked to confirm who you are, with this you are not.

What happens to the details of the people who have signed this petition? What and whose database are their names and address going to end up on?

It is not an official petition and as such I think people should be wary before adding their personal details to such. Also the arogance of the two of them is appauling. Had they done what most parents do, and listened to their children who did tell them they woke up crying, and stayed in with them or took them, then Maddie would not be missing today. Its time for them to stop blaming everyone else for their inapropriate behaviour durning a family holiday.

It is not the Government, Police in the UK or Portugal, and certainly not Sr Amaral's fault that Maddie is missing,

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Comment from Sky news,,,

First comment not printed! The petition is a sham! The McCanns are deleting everything negative, anyone can sign it, multiple times, without a valid email address!

Why did they not use the Downing street e-petition service?

Get the case re-opened, not reviewed!