Monday, November 15, 2010

What kind of mother is Susan Healy?

Quote from Susan Healy

“I think, now, we have done all that and, somehow, there’s nothing to protect you and you are thinking constantly about Madeleine and her situation. And there’s a fear, I suppose, that people will accept that Madeleine has gone.”

Quote from Gerry McCann

'Madeleine and the situation she finds herself in'

Susan Healy knows her daughter is a liar but she stands by her for the simple reason she is her daughter. Madeleine was her first grandchild , you would think she would want Madeleine to have a place where she could visit and take flowers. Susan Healy is happy for her daughter to continue the lie for as long as it takes, we already know they have eighteen years in mind thanks to Jaycee.....maybe Madeleine will also return home with great grandchildren for Susan Healy, born from a rapist who has raped Madeleine since the age of three. Kate has said 'it is not a pleasant thought' but......yes Kate 'but', it is not going to happen is it ? thank God , Madeleine did not go through the hell of Jaycee. Susan Healy is at peace because she knows Madeleine is at peace and her daughter is not in prison which is her rightful place, so for Susan Healy all is right with the world. What kind of mother does that make her ? I have no idea, certainly not the kind of mother I would want.