Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Keir Simmons who has no balls at all


Keir Simmons has never claimed to have a jot of interest to what became of Madeleine Beth, for this he cannot be faulted. Keir Simmons must have spoken with David Jones because he too was in PDL from the beginning following this alleged abduction.. If David told Keir his thoughts about the McCanns (he thought they were involved) then Keir I would imagine at this time  must have also discussed the broken/shutter window that never was. Jones said by looking at the street and the apartment, it was impossible for a child to be abducted the way the McCanns claim.

Keir Simmons when you grow up, if you ever do, maybe some day,  you could do a little bit of investigative journalism( if you still rememeber what that means) and pay a visit to Dr.Katerina Gaspar..I read your claim on twitter ' the McCanns do not stop you asking the all important questions' really Keir is that so? you surely jest. You claim to be close to the McCanns because they are innocent, Clarence Mitchell said the very same thing when his wife lost their baby. Clarence, did not do as any normal father would, return to be with his wife.... no  Clarence stayed in PDL and cried into the arms of Kate McCann, it was at this point he said ' I knew she was innocent'. Does this mean before he cried into the arms of Kate McCann, he thought she was guilty? But then as David, Keir and Steve Boggan all know , they have been bought, they must no longer use the grey matter between their ears to think.  To a 'bought reporter',  what is the life of a three year old child,? it is not their child, she matters not.

The British public have the right to know about the Gaspar statement and one day someone will find a way to make sure it happens...and it won't be thanks to the likes of the disgraced 'ballless boys' mentioned above.

The McCanns have got away with this crime including that of fraud and will continue to do so unless we can sway public opinion. We have 'that power' in our hands all we have to do is show the Gaspar statement and the wind of change will follow. Not only will it bring down the McCanns but the Tapas 7 just might start to talk......David Payne is not going to want his reputation tarnished...he will think 'only' of himself... I read on the McCannfiles he and Fiona had to fill out a questionaire? where is it? in PJs secret files, if so why?