Saturday, November 13, 2010

Madeleine Beth would ask...... why mummy ,why ?.

Madeleine Beth knows the truth and knows her mothers words 'she will be giving them her tuppence worth' could not be true, because Madeleine was already dead. Kate McCann, May 4th, after she had given her statement prompting police to look for an abductor with 'long hair and wearing jeans' but please to confirm with her friend Jane Tanner . Jane, who had already given her statement before Kate. Kate mentions this in case her friend Jane had not (Jane did not mention jeans, she said beige trousers), it appears there was little trust after the dramatic nights events of hiding Madeleines body.

Kate McCann also told of the 'toys on Madeleines bed' this does not 'gel' with cuddle cat being on a high shelf, or Gerry saying Cuddle Cat was on the bed. Toys what toys? (At this point it would not be known their statements would ever be released to the public, so yes I believe 'toys', CC was just a prop)

Jane Tanner has long hair and Jane Tanner insists she did not take jeans with her to PDL. Kate told social worker Yvonne Warren ,Madeleine was 'taken by a couple'.

It is obvious from the police statements Jane Tanner and her partner Russell O'Brien were/are the accomplices who helped move Madeleines body from apartment 5a, the rest lied to help their pals.

The question has to be asked if the worst came to the worst ,would the McCanns have implicated their friends Tanner and O'Brian as' the couple' who took Madeleine? Jane Tanner and her bizarre 'memory recall' suggests this as a very strong possibilty.

The missing blue bag contains 'the jeans in question' of this I have no doubt.

Madeleine had a sleep problem, this has been confirmed by the 'star chart' placed on the fridge in Rothley.

Speaking as a mother, who could possibly mind when their three year old , disturbed from sleep, wanting a cuddle from their mommy and daddy . I cannot understand a 'star chart' for a three year old and for me the thought is 'delicious' to have my daughter snuggled in between my husband and I smelling of all things 'baby'.  My child , born out of love. The McCanns children are not born from love making, maybe the key to them being able to distance themselves from Madeleine and using the twins as props.

Madeleine, would have no interest in  my thoughts. Madeleine would only wonder at the moment of her death why, mummy why?. Speaking as a mother Madeleine, I have no answer to your question because my question is the same as yours why Kate, why?  I cannot imagine not having a death certificate confirming the death of my child,  I would have to look at it each day to tell me it is so, otherwise I would go quietly insane.