Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pulling the plug on Keir Simmons

Keir Simmons , who really believes he counts and can make a difference, the patronizing comment below, which I have only just read , requires but one answer .....having never engaged with him on any level and after his latest role of 'victim' he comes across as a mummys boy, a spoilt brat. Well Keir those who sleep in a bed with fleas must expect to be bitten  (ironically) I have no intention of sending you my views when I can post them on my own blog. But to be honest Keir you really are a twenty two carrot......plug now being pulled.


I worry that by allowing them to communicate with me, by effectively engaging with them, I am encouraging them. Perhaps it’s time for me in my own small way to say ‘stop’, I’d like to know what you think. Please send me your views on Twitter (ironically) or Facebook.