Saturday, July 30, 2011

#McCanns: #Murdoch was it his idea to use Madeleines image on the video of Operation TULETA ?

I had hoped we were  seeing the beginning of the destruction of the Murdoch Empire. BUT using Madeleines face so blatantly on their criminal activities is two fingers up to everyone and I am still running the show attitude. 

The implication could not be more obvious, Madeleines face with Milly Dowlers name right along side. Mitchell has already said there IS NO evidence of the McCanns phones having been hacked and YET once again little Maddie is used to give the appearance that the McCanns are also victims of phone hacking !

TWICE in one week this child has been used and abused and the British media STILL afraid of Murdochs empire stand by and let it happen 

The most important aspect of this story is the exposure of a cabal that includes media owners, leading politicians and senior figures in the police force. The fact that the police had a 11,000 pages of notes, written by Glenn Mulcaire, the convicted phone-hacker, that gave the names of the thousands of people he hacked, their phone-numbers, pin-numbers and the name of the journalists who commissioned the work, but did nothing about it, clearly shows corruption at the highest level.