Wednesday, July 27, 2011

#McCann FACEBOOK : Is this charade monitored by the police? Indian sighting...known to be false !

Is this the work of SteveFarthing? There are police officers who are well aware Madeleine is dead, British and Portuguese and YET this fraud is allowed to continue.

Face Book -Tuesday 26 July 2011
Susan Connell
What is happening with that sighting in Leh? Is it true that they are doing DNA or is it just false reporting?
12 hours ago

Official Find Madeleine Campaign
Susan, as much as we would like to comment, we cannot discuss investigation-related info on this page. Thanks for understanding.
12 hours ago

Susan Connell I understand.I just wish this little girl could be found.
9 hours ago

Official Find Madeleine Campaign Thanks for understanding Susan. ~FM Webmaster
3 hours ago