Thursday, July 28, 2011

#McCanns :Clarernce Mitchell tries to spin his way out of an event that did not take place.

Mitchell still spinning, Mitchell still lying abount an event that did not take place. The sighting was a hoax ,we know that as fact from the DEHLI police and Scotland Yard have confirmed they will look into Mitchell's allegation's as they too knew nothing of this sighting and they are supposed to be in charge of the case. The whole event was fabricted in a newspaper The Tribune India, a newspaper that follows Murdochs every move, it protects him and only says good things about him, it would have been easy for Murdoch to make 'that call' the reporter admits in the article he found his information from wikipedia ! Had the strory been true he would have spoken with those involved AND the Dehli police have not taken kindly to having been used in this way, although I have no doubt Murdoch will smooth things over thim them as he appears to have bribed half the world to get his way.

The 'hoax' was a lie to take the heat from HACKGATE as they knew the story about Sarah Paynes mother was about to break,. Sarah's mother, also a victim of his despicable News of The World.

The McCann,s even with MURDOCH'S protection no longer have the power to take centre stage, so few now believe them and after yesterday even less. The McCanns are not liked and their despicable action yesterday to let MURDOCH use their daughter for his own purpose shows you just the kind of people the McCanns are. Not the kind anyone would want to be associated with and certainly not the kind anyone would be proud to have as a parent.

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown will be starting her own Madeleine Campaign Search , so any furture hoax sightings by the McCanns can be checked the very same day by the REAL police and not Mickey Mouse PI'S. The McCanns did Pat a favour by banning her profile on Madeleine, everyone wants to know why, and sales are booming.