Sunday, January 30, 2011

McCanns HUNT for Maddie is over...they are now hunting a 'HACKER'

Breaking NEWS:

The phone hacker is thought to be dark and swarthy and has been spotted twice in Malta, Morroco and Dubai in the last 24 hours. The McCanns private detectives are thought to be heading to the airport as this news breaks. They shall accuse him of talking into a mobile, they have proof this time as we see in the photograph, in possession of  large ears and a suspicious looking nose. Further charges, sitting with intent,wearing what appears to be  a womans scarf  on his head and a shabby gypsy type of dress . The McCanns detectives believe  'Mitchells hacker' could be a transvestite or wearing a disguise so as not to be caught. More news to follow.....

Latest update...there seems a lot of mobile activity. from the McCanns PI's..could something be happeneing ? Are they actually talking with the 'swarthy one' is an arrest imminent ? stay tuned...

A search party is now looking for the 'swarthy hacker' and have been warned he is not to be approached as he may be 'highly dangerous' they know this by his thick bushy eyebrows which they find' menacing'...

Well, there is in coming news but things are not looking good for the PI's, it seems the 'swarthy one' was not a transvestite or in disguise, he is married to a camel BUT not just any camel she is the fastest camel in the Middle East. AND as you can see they are very much in love.

BREAKING NEWS !!!!!! Good news ,it seems all is not lost as the 'Swarthy Hacker' made his get away he dropped a map...PI's were quick to recover this vital piece of information and yes it seems to all fit...they now believe the 'hacker' is a relation to the 'abductor' of Madeleine. There is indeed method to their madness, for the map dropped by Mitchells 'hacker' was of Portugal. PI's are now convinced they must return without haste back to PDL and REVIEW their initial belief that Madeleine IS within a ten mile radius of PDL.

Could it be the McCanns DICKS will this time kill three birds with one stone ? Will they find the 'hacker' Madeleines abductor and Madeleine all together eating kebabs in a hellish lair....???? Anything is possible....

No sign of Madeleine.... being treated like a Princess

my tuppence worth

The final word must come from Kate, Englands finest celebrity and authoress who, with the latest news says she is 'hacked off'. 

 'I would just like to thank everyone for everything they have done in searching for 'Our Maddie' and believing in me. The book I have tried so hard not to  write The LIE of the TRUTH  errrr,  Madeleine due to those damn Royals and their damn wedding , means I am one month out of pocket and apologise to all my believers when I released the date of April 28th.

However, we were damn lucky Madeleines birthday was so close as it made a wonderful excuse to change the date. TRANSWORLD had to open their big mouth claiming it was they who changed the date and not us, but dearest Clarry soon squared that with the Daily Mail one of our strongest supporters and clarified it was indeed us who felt it only fair not to hog prince William and Kates special day.  You know, as Gerry said 'Kate, the British public would only get confused having two Kates in one day...a bit like having your ' Kate' and eating it.

I have decided to use the money from the SUN wisely, they will pay for breast implants so when the time comes to make the movie MADELEINE I will receive more sympathy and understanding.