Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mitchell..slip -up...'Without her being recovered'

Starts at 1.10.20


Starts around 1.13.26

Nobody ever expected that err we'd be here what , nearly 4 years further down the line without Madeleine being found, without her being recovered , (Stumbles)  brought home to, to (thinking about having stumbled)  the rightful place at home with them.

I am told they 'know' what has happened to their daughter.

Comment: I would imagine this is the only time Mitchell has told the truth in  the McCann saga, he would have been told the true story. He has said in the past 'Kate and Gerry are not responsible for Madeleines death' another clanger.

Comment: Mitchell is very well spoken and clear with his words until he realizes he has used the word 'recovered' remains , are recovered and brought home. This tells me Madeleine is still in Portugal and they are looking for a way to have her remains returned to England. A funeral and thoughts of Madeleine having been 'abducted' by a paedophile will once again swing public opinion and the fear of having your child taken from the safest place ,'her bed'. The' wider agenda' ....