Wednesday, January 19, 2011

50 questions that may now have answers...'borrowed' from DS forum.

1/ Why have the McCanns held press conferences about sightings of people with no known link to the case, yet have ignored the sighting by a whole family who saw a man carrying a child in PDL on the night of the 3rd May 2007 at the time it is alleged Madeleine was taken - is it because they recognised the man as looking like Gerry Mccann?

2/ Why did the McCann's own website claim a man seen before they even arrived in PDL was "Madeleine's probable abductor," when there has never been any evidence whatsoever for this?

3/ Why did Tanner identify the above man as the abductor, even though he bore no resemblance to the man in her police disposition and to the artist's impression based on her description?

4/ Why was there no forensic evidence whatsoever that Madeleine had slept in the bed from which the McCanns claim she was taken from?

5/ Why did the dogs react ONLY in the McCann apartment and ONLY in the McCann hire car?

6/ Why did the dogs react to Kate McCann's clothes, the key fob, Cuddlecat, the rear of the hire car, the closet, under the sofa?

7/ Why did the McCanns refuse to answer police questions?

8/ Why did Tanner claim she saw Madeleine being carried away and Gerry McCann claim he sensed there was already somebody in the apartment, yet they did nothing about it at the time.

9/ Why did both Gerry McCann and Wilkins say they did not see Tanner, who allegedly walked right by them as they were talking outside the apartment?

10/ Why did the McCanns flee Portugal as soon as they were made arguidos?

11/ Why did the McCanns hire a Gordon Brown media manipulator?

12/ Why did the McCanns claim the shutter was "jemmied" when this was later shown to be false and the only fingerprints were Kate McCanns?

13/ Why did the twins sleep through all the commotion that night?

14/ Why did the McCanns allow the apartment to be contaminated with 20 people stampeding through it that night?

15/ Why did Gerry McCann once say Cuddlecat was on the bed, yet Kate McCann said it was on a high shelf?

16/ Why did Kate McCann later say she knew it was important to preserve Cuddlecat for forensics, yet she washed it?

17/ Why have the McCanns never pleaded that others do not make the same mistake they made in leaving children unattended?

18/ Why did the McCanns waste little time in putting their other children back in the creche if they really believed one child had already been taken.

19/ Why did Kate McCann leave the twins alone that night if she really believed one child had already been taken?

20/ Why had the apartment been clinically cleaned?

21/ Why was it reported the McCanns left the boot of their car wide open day after day?

22/ Why did Mrs Fenn hear continual crying for 90 minutes on 1st May?

23/ Why did the McCanns (according to McCanns themselves) leave the children alone AFTER Madeleine had asked why they had been left all alone the night before?

24/ Why have the McCanns in all their appeals, never even told us the time that Madeleine was last seen, when this is basic information in any other missing person campaign?

25/ Why did the McCanns and their friends sit down to agree a timeline, when they could have spent that time looking for Madeleine?

26/ Why did the McCanns wait for over three weeks until they hired a car, when any other parents would do that immediately and spend day after day physically searching for their child?

27/ Why do the McCanns put on an act for the cameras, faking a sense of loss for rhe cameras only to fall about in laughter when they think the cameras have stopped rolling?

28/ Why did the McCanns syphon off money from the fund to pay for their own mortgage - money given by pensioners, the poor, people who spent their weekends holding charity events in order to help find Madeleine?

29/ Why do the McCanns appear to be having so much fun in the aftermath of Madeleine's disappearance. Their smiles and laughter, just days after Madeleine went missing, their jogging, their going to the beach, their international travel, when any other parent of an abducted child would be out searching, rather than enjoying the limelight?

30/ Why do some of the things the McCanns say indicate an emotional disconnect from Madeleine, such as saying they could sleep better soon after the event because the weather had improved, and comparing the situation to a student overdraft?

31/ Why did the McCanns create a lot of publicity by claiming they would take a lie detector test, then later they refused to take one?

32/ Why has there been so much political interence in this case, such as the involvement from the start of Gordon Brown who meddled in the case?

33/ Why would an abductor break in when the McCanns left the sliding doors unliocked?

34/ Why was it that night after night all the children went to sleep just like clockwork so the McCanns and their friends could go out?

35/ Why did Gerry McCann have to ask the police where the church was, when he had already been next to the church to go to another restaurant?

36/ Why did the McCanns lie about the frequency of the checks on the children?

37/ Why did the McCanns lie about the distance from the Tapas bar to the apartment?

38/ Why did the McCanns lie when they said they could see the apartment from the Tapas bar?

39/ Why did their spokeman lie when he said they were fully co-operating with the police?

40/ Why do the McCanns need a government spin doctor - are they unable to speak for themselves?

41/ Why was their spin doctor so happy to point the finger at Murat and compare him to Ian Huntley when speaking to the media?

42/ Why have the McCanns been given special treatment by British politicians - for example being recruited as child saftey ambassadors to promote Amber Alert?

43/ Why have the McCanns never given the public a full and honest account about what happened that night - refusing to publish a timeline that could be vital in the search for Madeleine ?

44/ Why won't the McCanns take any responsibility for what they did - describing their regular child neglect as "within the boundaries of responsible parenting" - thereby encouraging others to do the same?

45/ Why did the McCanns refuse to take part in a reconstruction unless it was a televised event?

46/ Why have the McCann friends had a "pact of silence" - refusing to talk about what happened that night?

47/ Why does Tanner's description of the man she says she saw, have no credibility whatsoever - for example she knew the man's age in poor light, yet says she never saw the face and later says he looks like a man with a big droopy moustache.

48/ Why does Gerry McCann pretend to be a loving family church-going man after Madeleine's disappearence, but before the event he was blatently swearing (as caught on film) "F*** O** on the way to PDL in front of his small children and his friends' children?

49/ What exactly are the McCanns and their friends doing with all the millions they are getting out of suing those who don't fall in line with their story?

50/ Why would anyone believe a word that the McCanns have to say when all these questions remain unanswered?