Sunday, January 2, 2011

Max Clifford , learning the hard way he will not have the easy ride Mitchell had with the McCanns. There are people who love Anni, Madeleine was not so fortunate.

The above article , the idea of Max Clifford...he has to be careful for although he likes to connect this with the McCanns, he has a problem ,no one in the McCann clan defended Madeleine , not one of them has any interest in what happened to this little girls fate even though they know there is a statement suggesting paedophilia amongst the group of Doctors...Dr.David Payne....Anni has friends and family who will defend her and not buckle, they want the truth and they intend to find out what happened to her. Seedy Max Clifford should bow out and let justice be served in a court of law.

.....Obviously Max's idea of a sob story has not worked, we are also tired of the victim being forgotten. Anni Hindochi will not be forgotten and she will not become another Madeleine .... her parents will make sure of it.