Friday, July 29, 2011

#McCanns #PatBrown and the concealment of a corpse

Many agree and the discussion is rife in the  U.S. if Pat Browns book did not touch a nerve of the McCanns they would have ignored it BUT Pats book agrees with the investigation and the McCanns KNOW the investigation's conclusion's are correct, that they ARE involved in the disappearance of their daughter and thats a FACT MURDOCH and all his might will never change. Yesterday,s hoax only made people even more suspicious and suspect the McCanns have something to hide.....The report on the investigation findings, more information MURDOCH has helped keep out of the British Press just like his Papal Knighthood, it was very important to him that England did not know about it ! The Knighthood of course used so the McCanns could meet with the Pope.

Conclusions:From everything that we have discovered, our files result in the following conclusions:

A. the minor Madeleine McCann died in Apartment 5A at the Ocean Club resort in Praia da Luz, on the night of 3 May 2007

B. a simulation - a staged hoax - of an abduction took place

C. in order to render the child’s death impossible before 10.00pm, a situation of checking of the McCann couple’s children while they slept was concocted

D. Dr Gerald McCann and Dr Kate McCann are involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter, Madeleine McCann

E. at this moment, there seems to be no strong indications that the child’s death was other than the result of a tragic accident, yet;

F. from what has been established up to now, everything indicates that the McCann couple, in self-defence, did not want to deliver up Madeleine’s corpse immediately and voluntarily, and there is a strong possibility therefore that it was moved from the initial place where she died. This situation may raise questions concerning the circumstances in which the death of the child took place.

G. Therefore, we suggest that the case files are sent to the Republic’s Prosecutor, in the Lagos legal district, for:

1) possible new questioning of the arguidos Dr Gerald and Dr Kate McCann, and

2) an evaluation of the measure of restraint to be applied in this case.

During the house search at the McCann couple’s residence, a diary style manuscript was found, already photocopied, possibly authored by Dr Kate McCann; admitting that it may contain information that may help to reach the material truth of facts.

We therefore propose that the photocopies of the said document are presented to the illustrious judge for the purpose of its apprehension (if legal), its translation and eventual collection of information to be included in the files, as necessary for the investigation.

At this date, I submit the case files for your appreciation, for you to determine whatever you may see as convenient.

10 September 2007
Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida