Saturday, July 30, 2011

#McCann Hoax: Final discussion on MURDOCH using a dead child to divert attention away from another dead child, Sarah Payne !

Are Foreign Editors Being Paid By Someone To Report These Hoax Sightings Of Madeleine McCann?

(Without Prejudice)

This is NOT an accusation, it is a perfectly legitimate question. Newspapers in the UK carried this story. The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell spoke about it publicly, stating that the incident in Leh had happened, but that after seeing pictures of the child, the McCanns had decided that it was not Madeleine. Yet the Leh Police have THREE times given out official statements--including one to a producer on Sky News--declaring that the event, along with the DNA testing, etc, NEVER took place. Therefore it figures that someone is not telling the truth, the obvious theory being that BOTH accounts cannot be true.

I for one believe the OFFICIAL statement, pronounced by the police, and am committing no crime by believing this. Why, one might ask in all sincerity, should a Chief of Police wish to tarnish his reputation by lying not once, but THREE times? It's wholly inconceivable! 

SUCH a fuss was made over this "sighting" that, had it taken place, the McCanns would have displayed acute irresponsibility and reprehensibility to have relied  on photographic evidence, as opposed to showing up in person in Leh to examine the girl for themselves. The fact that they did not points to the fact that the event was never taken seriously because it never happened.

Andi Conway Thomas writes on ITV Central, "It was another hoax to raise awareness, as the news story got overshadowed by other world events." And Sanjay Guptil, who lives in Leh, confirms, "This fake story will give the Indian police a bad name, just as the police in Portugal were given a bad name. We will be perceived as inefficient, when in fact the first WE heard about this story was when we read the fictitious account in the Tribune. I mean, where are the photographs to corroborate the story? There are none, because it was all made up!"

This event could, however, have serious repercussions. Mavis P, writing on the Loonies site (subsequently removed) says, "The area where the non-incident occurred is close to Pakistan. They risk having caused an incident in a Muslim area. Kashmir is disputed land. I wonder how the governments of India will feel, being accused of incompetence?"

John Swenson feels more strongly about this: "The McCanns would be wise not to piss the Muslims off. I still haven't forgoten that wee girl in Morocco, Boushira. These people are playing blame the Muslims big time and stepping on some very dangerous ground."

Another CHARLATON 'Brooks' who lies with as many teeth as she has in her mouth and her 'shock' when hearing Sara Paynes phone had been  hacked....