Thursday, July 21, 2011

#Hackgate has spilt over to the Fraudulent Fund...

It was only a question of time before those who have blogged for some kind of justice for Madeleine would get a break. The break has come with hackgate, the scandal and sleaze in our Police force. The Goverment heavily involved with the Murdoch Mafia has finally come to the attention of those who are honourable and still have some pride in this 'three wheels on my wagon' country. Is the damage beyond repair ? I believe it is...will Madeleine ever receive the justice she so rightly deserves ? well that will be up to the MP's who are now aware of the cover-up. The information they now hold in their hands has shocked them to the core, they need time to digest what Cameron and Brown along with Blair have hidden from them for four long years. BUT the MP's who are aware of the Maddie Affair are small fry , they do not belong to the corrupt Elite, so although they know and shake their heads I feel they will not have the power in their voice to speak out and ask Cameron why he bowed to Murdochs Sun when the McCanns snapped their fingers and asked for a review, a review to all intense and purposes to be carried out by Paul Stephenson,  a whitewash was underway.

Cressida Dick will have been given her orders and will that be to continue protecting the McCanns at all costs...only time will tell. If the McCanns continue to be protected then all of this will have been for nothing, a sham, a farce like the last four years with a fabricated abduction when a small childs remains lie somewhere in PDL Portugal.

MP Jenny Green was astonished when Cameron allocated 3.5 million of tax payers money to search for one child and she was correct, because as David Cameron is well aware, to re-open the McCann case would not cost a single penny. Cameron lied to Parliament and he lied to the gullible British people.
David Cameron is covering up the death of Madeleine McCann to protect her parents and nobody knows why. Is there an MP out there to ask him ?

The latest from the McCanns on their blog.  It would appear everyone is on holiday so no hurry to find their daughter then. Still as long as the book is selling and the money keeps pouring in Madeleine can wait until everyone returns tanned and happy ready to continue blogging about a faked abduction.

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