Thursday, June 2, 2011

Anyone else inflamed about McCann speaking out about child welfare?

.......has the time to talk to such a hypocrite…
McCann talks as though he’s just realised that children go missing and that its so wide spread….furthermore he acts like he’s the only one ever to speak out about it.

Perhaps he should have prevented one childs hell by staying with his own children that night….I am so bloody mad this man is on TV lecturing the rest of us on what to watch out for to safeguard our children….

Please someone tell him and his sheep…we know….we’ve always known….its one of the reasons there is a Childrens Act…its why the like’s of you should NEVER be allowed to speak out about how to keep children safe. You are not qualified..!

I would not take any advise from anyone associated with you or your campagn because the very fact they’re standing shoulder to shoulder with you bloody pair means they condone what you did or at best forgive you, I will never be such a sap, our childrens very lives depend on it…