Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jaycee Dugard but not Caylee Anthony..British media censorship for the McCanns.

It would appear the McCanns have all power when it comes to media reporting. Censorship on the Casey Anthony trial but not on Jaycee, as we have heard the McCanns mention, Madeleine could well be another Jaycee Page 129 comes to mind . The reason the trial has been censored , cadaver odour detected in the trunk of the car !

A couple of the McCanns friends also noticed an 'odd odour' in the Scenic and put it down to dirty wet nappies amongst other things.

Reading Kates book of deceit and her explanation of cadaver found in her rental car plus the Anthony trial could not have come at a worse time BUT it would have been perfect timing for the British public. Let us hope Portugal pick up on the story and compare notes with her book over there.

This is the full memorial service that was held for Caylee