Thursday, November 17, 2011


Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

It has been a crazy last few days but I wanted to stop in and say "Thanks!" to each and every one of you who have posted encouraging words and your support for the road ahead. I have been quite quiet since four months ago when my book was pulled from Amazon and some wondered why. Now you know! Taking a legal route to get answers, to stop the crushing of Freedom of Speech, and to seek justice and truth is not normally my preferred route. However, it may be the only route in the case. Even if the McCanns are not guilty of anything more than neglect and obstruction of a police investigation, their behaviors have had an impact on missing child cases, support funds, police handling of such cases, and the media.
All of this needs to be addressed openly, in the UK and the US and everywhere else in the world.
BTW, if you haven't seen my new post up at Women in Crime Ink, please take a read!

Again, my thanks for being here, fighting for answers, and lending me your support.

Pat Brown