Monday, November 28, 2011

McCann : The Moment McCann Realized Kate Screwed Them Both !

It must have been quite a revelation for the control freak Gerry McCann to hear how the dog search came to be in Portugal , his own wife had screwed them both. Robert Murat at that time, the only arguido (suspect) in their faked abduction , framed by four of their friends, yes all was going to plan.

So there they sat in a Lisbon court, confident they were going to screw Amaral for every cent he had and suddenly the ' f**king tosser' Ricardo, told the Court it was Kate all by herself that had led to them both being made arguidos.

McCann arrogant and oh so confident made a vital mistake, leaving Kate on her own she weakened and called  Ricardo,  and thats when the dog's told the world Madeleine was dead !

Footage of McCanns reaction, he could not wait to lay into Kate or get as far away from her as possible, he decided to do the latter and Fiona took his place !


A second officer, Ricardo Paiva, said Portuguese police were suspicious of the couple's 'merchandising' operation in the months after Maddie disappeared. The Madeleine Fund they set up sold wristbands and T-shirts publicising the case and used the money to support the search.

Mr Paiva said they should have faced prosecution for leaving their children alone, saying: 'People have been arrested for far less - even in the UK.'
Former Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral wrote a book accusing the McCanns of covering up their daughter's death