Friday, November 25, 2011

McCann : Cadaver Dog EDDIE Alerted To The Death Of Madeleine And Kate Prout - Police Today Have Confirmed Remains Found Are Those Of Kate Prout

Human remains found on a farm in Redmarley, Gloucestershire, have been formally identified as belonging to Kate Prout, who was murdered by her husband Adrian in 2007.

A Gloucestershire Police spokesman said: "I can now confirm that the body recovered from Redhill Farm, Redmarley, yesterday afternoon has been formally identified as that of Kate Prout.

"The identity of the deceased was confirmed through the use of dental records."

Mrs Prout's family have spoken of their relief following the discovery, with Richard Wakefield, her older brother, describing the years since her disappearance as having been like a "prison sentence" for him and his wife, Linda.

"We've been like prisoners. It's been like a prison sentence for us, having this over our heads all this time.

"But now, that relief has come, so hopefully when we get Kate buried we can all get on in our lives."

Last week, Prout, 49, who was convicted of his wife's murder in February last year, dramatically confessed to killing her and took officers to an area of woodland on his £1.2 million farm to reveal where he had buried her.

Police used specialist forensic experts and cadaver dogs trained to locate decomposed bodies in the search for the 55-year-old former teacher at Cobhill woods, which started on Monday.