Friday, November 11, 2011

#McCann #LisaIrwin #Facebook : Ashley Irwin Peddling T Shirts..Questioned On Where Is The Money Going- Link Removed

So like the McCanns ,today is Lisa's birthday, people have baked what does Ashley Irwin do ?  plays on the publics sympathy and tries to peddle T Shirts !

Ashley Irwin
Tshirt Order-Lisa
Check out! Home Page
Blendene Trott Hurt the link disappeared after i posted and asked where the money is going
7 hours ago

  • Ethel Wills Simmons Of course I'm sure it's going in their pocket, unfortunately the Anthonys have shown people how much blood money can be made & I think a lot of these missing children cases will turn out to be all about's a damn shame, makes me sick..poor little Lisa ♥