Friday, March 11, 2011

Dead little girls and drugs suspicions....Place an article like this along with the Gaspar statement and Gerry McCanns concern 'lives at risk' ( his own ) becomes a reality, more convinced than ever a super-injunction is in place. Most disturbing, the British press well aware of the police file contents and STILL they ignore the possible suffering of three year old Madeleine. Bizarre.

Maddie McCann was an adorable 4-year-old who “went missing” from her hotel room in Portugal while on vacation with her British parents.

The child’s hair and human decomposition were reportedly found in the trunk of her parents’ rental car. Early news reports indicated Maddie had been sedated by her parents to keep her asleep in the hotel room while they socialized nearby. The parents hired criminal attorneys and, after Maddie’s mom was named a suspect, she refused to answer police questions.

I don’t know if these cases are related to child porn. But I’m certain of three things.

1. Sedating victims is common.

 2. The most valuable child porn depicts young, cute kids.

 3. All three cases involve sedatives and young, cute kids.

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