Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No evidence of abduction ....?

'Writing the wrongs' trying to tell a nice little story but leaving out ALL the important pieces. Is this a snippet from the book ? could well be.

Lets take a look through this 'explaining 'how there IS evidence Madeleine was abducted.

Those who doubt the McCanns, I do not doubt the McCanns , the McCanns are both pathalogical liars.

Kate and Gerry not only invented the whole abduction they also fabricated evidence by moving a cot from one room to another. They also phoned family and friends to lie about a break-in, jemmied shutters etc....

There is the question of a blue sports bag that Gerry was seen with the afternoon of May 3rd, a sports bag that disappeared as quickly as Madeleine. Gerry had the bag so why did he not say to police yes it was also missing?  so simple and would have got him out of a lot of hot water, because it is KNOWN  McCann did have this bag. However,  had he done so, the assumption would have been the child was removed from the apartment in the sports bag and if this was so, surely this would have been a screaming , protesting Madeleine, or a dead Madeleine and why would an abductor go to all the trouble to abduct a child, kill her and remove her in Gerrys blue sports bag ? no that would not have worked besides Gerry wanted to be seen or rather he wanted a child to be seen answering the description of Madeleine.  Gerry took the bag therefore for another reason.

Lets move on.

Fingerprints in the apartment and why should Kates not be on the window ? The window in the beginning of the McCanns fabricated abduction was the 'key' to how the abductor left the apartment. The McCanns wanted everyone to LOOK at the window. The window according to family and friends the morning of May 4th was broken, smashed. I have no doubt the window would have been damaged had  Jez Wilkins not arrived and put McCanns nose out of joint. McCann of course could have returned to the apartment and broken the window after Jez had left but did Jez know if McCann was leaving or arriving to check on the children ? either way McCann would have noticed within minutes  that Madeleine was missing and the window damaged, (by himself)seems timing was everything..and the timing of the abduction was to be around 10 pm.

Nice little alibi at the end to remind us Gerry was at the table so Martin Smith could not have seen him.

The Caylee Anthony case at this very moment discussing the 'smell of death' in the trunk of  the car owned by Casey Anthony.

'Writing the wrongs' blog trying to explain the blood found was from Mr.Anthony Gordon and yes Mr.Gordon did cut himself whilst shaving, but Mr.Gordon did not die in the apartment and leave 'the smell of death'.

The above, all facts and no need  to mention Dr.Goncalo Amaral, who played no part in the disappearance of their lovely daughter Madeleine.




Evidence of abduction?

One of the key elements of the arguments put forward by those who doubt the McCanns version of events is the supposed lack of evidence of abduction. 

This, it is said, proves that no abduction ever took place, and that, therefore, Madeleine died in the apartment and Kate and Gerry invented the whole abduction story. 

 Well, firstly, I would like to quote from the great detective author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, famous for his Sherlock Holmes books.  In one of Holmes adventures he told his trusty ally, Watson, “The absence of evidence of a crime must NEVER be taken as evidence of the absence of said crime.”  In other words, just because you can’t prove something happened, doesn’t mean it DIDN’T happen.

That said, it is not even true to say there is NO evidence of abduction, though it should be born in mind that to FIND evidence, first you have to LOOK for it. 

 In this respect the investigation, under Amaral’s command, was woefully inadequate, with the apartment not being properly secured as a crime scene for almost three months,  by which time such evidence as there may have been would have been trampled, cleaned and eroded into oblivion. 

 But even despite the failings of Amaral’s enquiry, within the files, so often ignored by the McCann sceptics, there IS in fact evidence of abduction. 

 Firstly, there are two sets of DNA as yet unidentified. 

 Guest?  Staff?  Or abductor? 

 Secondly, the window had not just one fingerprint, as is often erroneously claimed, belonging to Kate, but five. 

 One is indeed Kate’s but that is not surprising, given that she had spent the best part of a week in the apartment. 

 One other was identified as a policeman, Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa of the Lagos GNR.

 Three others were also found but were so smudged as to be unidentifiable. 

 Whose prints were they?

They may have been unclear but none the less SOMEONE left them.

And of course we have two, at least, eye witness accounts of a man seen in the vicinity carrying what appeared to be a child, moving briskly away from the apartment. 

 Since eye witness accounts, including the McCann party waiter, put Gerry at the table at this time that rules out the oft favoured but unsubstantiated claim that this was Gerry disposing of the body. 

So, no evidence of abduction?


 In fact I would say the exact opposite: that there is more than enough, but there is none whatsoever that Madeleine died in the apartment.