Friday, March 11, 2011

Batting for the McCanns , or should that be 'Batty McCanns' drumming up a little business here for the 'review'. The tears do really fall from the eye, have to give her nine out of ten for trying....and I like the clues in each post, no 'murder' in Portugal and this time 'no official body', yes all the clues are there , someone is enjoying the joke..

At the time of writing this there are 45,614 signatures with hopefully more to come. There are also the paper petition signatures to add to this figure.

Personally I am shocked that it is up to Madeleine’s parents to initiate a review. A British citizen, a small child, is missing – no official body  in either Portugal or the UK is looking for her.

Incredibly sad to note that in an attempt by some people to add to the McCann family pain and distress, certain quarters are trying to ruin this petition. On their “forums”, and on Twitter, they make false claims regarding duplicate or fake signatures. Now I KNOW first hand from people involved that this petition is scrupulously checked and any anomalies or repeats when obvious are deleted. This wording actually appears on the petition: “Duplicate signatures from the same person/email address will be deleted from the petition before it is finalized.”

In fact I would hope that the people who sign on behalf of their whole family would encourage them to go and sign individually. I have seen this a few times and think some signatures are “lost” this way.