Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#McCann: #Murdoch media not only keep dead children alive but animals too.

The people of Australia live under Murdoch media dictatorship, the people are lied to on a daily basis and live in fear of being attacked  'war on terror' is alive and kicking downunder. Ghail Hassan explains ...

A massive hoax has only recently been exposed and is now under investigation, a  campaign and financial scam just like the McCanns , but this time  mounted in Australia, once again Murdoch and the Australian Goverment have worked hand in glove to keep secret from the public that Bob the Koala died in 2009 and good decent people have continued to pay into the fund...details here

NEWS LIMITED AUSTRALIA did not inform the australian public that Bob the Koala died in March 2009

SAM the scam, was an imposter , a hoax, so people would continue to pay into the fund !