Sunday, September 25, 2011

#McCann: Blacksmiths Question... And An Explanation As To How A Sordid Dirty Cover-up works !

Two very different tragedies but the recipe for covering up remains the same , one requires, the head of Goverment , the police and of course Murdoch. Blacksmith asks where do the McCanns fit in ? they 'fit in ', right in the middle of the most sordid ,sleazy people one would never wish to meet in an entire lifetime. And they would be very unwise to think of double crossing Murdoch if they have already been 'compensated 'for being hacked !

Hillsborough disaster and the cover-up

.....Why the Establishment had wriggled out of all blame, smeared the fans as killers, lied about their actions and refused to take any responsibility for the deaths, thus denying the deceased justice and the bereaved closure.

And he said if he could be granted one wish before he died it would be to find out what was said between Margaret Thatcher and police chiefs when she visited the Leppings Lane terrace the day after the disaster.

Because someone in high places had told him that Thatcher decided it was imperative that the police were exonerated. That the consequences for a force she treated almost as her private army, would be immense if (as Lord Justice Taylor’s report later demanded) they took the rap for 96 deaths in their care.

And so the cover-up began with her press adviser Bernard Ingham briefing the media that the disaster had been caused by a “tanked-up mob”.

Three days later the Thatcher-supporting Sun’s infamous front-page about fans urinating on the dead and stealing from their pockets appeared after collusion between the Police Federation and a Tory MP. The story went round the world that drunken fans killed their own. And the truth was buried.

So for Trevor Hicks, the Thatcher documents, which constitute the minutes from that Sheffield meeting and other correspondence with her ministers, could be the smoking gun that proves a conspiracy which went right to the top of the Tory government.

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