Thursday, September 22, 2011

#McCann : John Stalker is not a Freemason..

John Stalker is not a freemason but clearly those around him were. Maybe John was sending out a message to the McCanns 'and their secret' as a warning sooner or later freemason or not the truth will out, although four years down the road and their 'secret'  does not look like beng outed.

Also John's comment about one of the group having murdered Madeleine, no one has ever suggested the child was murdered, a domestic accident. John also had no problem in placing evidence on Murat yet makes excuses for evidence found around the McCanns.

I have been advised that when the Goverment use the term 'national security' as Madeleine has now been classed under, there is no 'national security' as such , it is a term they use when they wish to cover up one of their dirtly little secrets...glad that's been cleared up.