Monday, September 19, 2011

#McCann: When one lives by the sword one must also die by the sword.

Several MP's who are on twitter now have information from the police files. They have the statement from the cleaner of Ap. 5A who saw cots in separate rooms the morning of May 2nd,  the Gaspar statement ..and have been informed this was held back for sometime from the Portuguese investigation by Leicester police... left one MP to respond ( his words ) 'scratching his head' and last but not least the PJ report, their findings of the investigation explaining why the McCanns were made arguidos in the first place.

MP's have also been requested to investigate why the McCanns are still asking for donations and for people to sign a review when they already have one...again one MP in particular is very curious as to the McCanns motive.

Also information has been forwarded on with reference to the 'Indian' sighting McCanns and Mitchell clearly all lied.  What they do with this information is up to them OR maybe they already know, who knows and quite frankly I have come to the point whereby I can say, who cares ?

David Bret answers the troll-ops who work for Mudochs Sun  and lets be frank where else would folk like this get a job ?

And a beautiful young lady Stephanie has produced her last video, she now knows the McCanns are involved and believes with all of her heart Madeleine died in the apartment.

Stephanie, we all wish you well and thank -you , you will be dearly missed AND yes it is hard when the truth hits you right between the eyes, they are involved and Carter Ruck can never change that fact no matter how many people they try to shut-up !

And to end with a quote from David:

At the end of the day, had her parents looked after her instead of leaving their children alone while they were dining with friends, Madeleine would never have gone missing in the first place...end quote

BUT they did not leave the children alone, Kate McCann is well aware Paulo Rebelo discovered 'their little set up of neglect'  which prompted her to write to him asking to 'share' information, he placed her letter in the police file where it belongs. Rebelo was on the right track. However, as long as everyone still believes in the neglect issue the McCanns know they are safe , for without neglect abduction is impossible. The McCanns are liars and it is a great shame the British public believed their biggest lie of all. The lie of neglect !