Sunday, September 11, 2011

#McCann #GRANNY knows best. Madeleine was drugged !

Madeleines Grandmother, not a stupid woman and seems to have doubted her daughter-in-law from day one..however Mrs. Smarty pants thought she would nail the answer to her very loud mouthed mother-in-law and confirm her suspicions !

Kate McCann in her book claims the 'abductor' entered their apartment the night of May 2nd, and again the night of May 3rd where she claims THIS TIME he took Madeleine with him.,.Kate goes on to say that on BOTH occasions the abductor sedated all three of her children... however she could not have been that concerned by the drugs administered to her children by May 4th they were placed back in the creche , pretty odd behaviour for someone who has just lost a child, no concerns he may return for the twins ?.. !..and the MET it would  appear are not in the least suspicious of the McCanns ?

"The thing is that little Amelie is wearing Madeleine's sandals and she is in and out of the car. .....Shoe size ????????

The sandals were always important, Kate herself said we threw Madeleines sandals into the back of the car, I would hazard a guess Maddie was wearing those very sandals when she died, the ones she wore in what probably was the last photograph of Madeleine on the tennis court.