Saturday, January 21, 2012

#McCann #CostaConcordia : Do We Believe The Chaplain OR Costa Cruises ATTORNEY Clarence Mitchell.

Mitchell in the past has posed as a police officer during the McCann farce ,he  also tried to put Robert Murat in the frame to 'clear' the McCanns.  His new role as an 'attorney' trying to frame the Captain of stricken vessel Costa Concordia will not be so easy .

An example , not a difficult decision as to whom to believe the Captain weeping in the arms of a Chaplain or Mitchell's version , an un-named 'witness' saw the Captain trying to flee the scene in a taxi !

With passengers now coming forward revealing footage of clueless staff members untrained and afraid, Mitchell will not find trying to cover - up this disaster as easy as a group of selfish, child neglecting doctors whose ONLY concern was for their reputation !

NOTE  : The PDF Requests Link shown in this video has been removed , we are unable check for ourselves the cries from staff members about this company. The COVER-UP HAS BEGUN