Thursday, January 19, 2012

#McCann : Marc Klaas - Missing Children And Chasing Shadows.

This message from Mark Claus is to every family member who has faked their own child's abduction. Plus a message to 'mother earth' from the comments section.

Shame on anyone who seeks to silence the public who seeks and demands answers on where the missing children are.

Kate and Gerry McCann and the tapas 7 pay attention.

By shutting down anyone or anything that questions your version of events, by suing or threatening to sue anyone, including LE who searched for your allegedly 'abducted' daughter by hiring PR spokesmen to spin your story and claim you were told you were being responsible parents by leaving a 3 toddlers home alone every night (who told you that?), by coming up with implausible explanations for evidence found that might be incriminating to you, you only succeed in making yourselves look guilty.

How can you be so sure that body fluids and decomp found are not caused by an abductor? only because you know there was no abductor.

Refusing to answer every questioned asked by LE, refusing to take part in a police reconstruction because it won't be shown on tv,wouldn't be helpful/interfere in your normal lives, hiring agencies that specialised in money laundering and other agencies that had no experience in finding missing persons rather than an agency that did, you revealed yourselves to be guilty of neglect (you admitted)and homicide, concealment of a corpse and filing a false police report.

Everything innocent parents would so to find their missing child you did the opposite of. Everything guilty parents do who have murdered their child you have done.

You cannot undo what is done and every day for the rest of your lives you will see advances in forensics and technology and you will know that one day will come the knock on the door and the arrests.

9 people know what happened to Madeleine, 9 people cannot keep a secret, they will talk, the guilt will eat away at them, the knowledge they could faces charges as accesories. Whatever hold you have over your frends cannot keep them silent forever.

Your guilt is written large across your faces, especially yours Kate, We know your marriage was in deep trouble long before Madeleine went missing, domestic abuse is a given, the only thing keeping you with a man you loathe is guilt.
Which will prove stronger your fear of an abusive husband who could well kill you when he beats you (yes we saw the bruises) or getting justice for your daughter.

Every day till the day you die we the public, will remind you of Madeleine and your neglect, neglect which has cost you the job you worked so hard for, a job which no one will employ you in.

Enjoy the prison of your own making.