Monday, January 16, 2012

#McCann : Love To Hear Kate Talking...

It was Kate's fault the cadaver dogs were brought in , McCann could never work it out until their day in court during an attempt to silence Amaral and his damn book.  During the hearing Ricardo Paiva 'exposed' Kate, he said she called him telling of a dream , Madeleine was buried on the mountain. Kate, alone and drunk on their favourite New Zealand wine, the twins sleeping 'deeply' may have had a pang of guilt and phoned her friend Ricardo. 

If Kate thought Madeleine was buried, one must assume that she also 'thought' her daughter was dead which is the message Ricardo, a bright police officer would have understood loud and clear , however as we later heard the McCanns were always suspects.

When Kate screamed that fateful night ' they've taken her' and when she told the social worker the following morning a couple had taken Madeleine, what did she mean ? Kate, was Madeleine's mother, so it makes sense that wherever Maddie was moved to Kate would be the last person to know. Alone and with Gerry in England did she hope the PJ would find her missing daughters remains ? 

It was due also to Kate's talking and guidance that turned Blogger Rico Sorda's interest and others into taking a closer look at the McCann case , Rico saw a pattern emerging, a mirror image in fact.

Kate used the cadaver dog 'non' findings of Eddie in Jersey to PROVE the dogs were unreliable. Foolish move,  to use a dog with an astounding record in detecting human remains to cover-up two cases !

There is now new strength to expose Jersey for what it is, a cover-up of child abuse, expose this......and who knows what may happen in the future .

Here at Voice For Children a guest post on child abuse.