Friday, June 8, 2012

#McCann: From God's Lips On Jane Tanner 'Sighting' - Note The Word Probably.

It would appear HiDeHo's contact with Scotland Yard and interest in her video's pointing out the groups blatant lies, discrepancies, too polite a word where a missing toddler is concerned has resulted in vile abuse toward a woman who has worked tirelessly in Madeleines defence. Those who have no interest in the truth are now holding on tightly to Jane Tanner's 'sighting'...So lets listen to God himself on what Tanner is alleged to have seen...Listen carefully  P.R.O.B.A.B.L.Y. carrying a child. Probably carrying a child could never be misunderstood in a million years for the description that Tanner later gave no matter which side of the fence you are sitting on. The detail of the pyjamas could never be misunderstood for PROBABLY carrying a child. I hope HiDeHo also sends this video to SY I think they may find it very useful. The date is important ,it is before McCann managed to persuade Gordon Brown to 'help' release information on their fabricated abductor.