Monday, June 18, 2012

#McCann:Father Simulated A Crime Scene And Fabricated An Abduction Just Like The McCanns.

Diggers brought in as search continues for Córdoba's missing children
ThinkSpain , Tuesday, June 12, 2012
Diggers and bulldozers have been brought as the search for Córdoba's missing children - six-year-old Ruth and two-year-old José Bretón - continues in their paternal grandfather's farm, "Las Quemadillas".
No trace of the youngsters has been found since they disappeared on October 8th last year.  Their father, José Bretón remains in custody on suspicion of fabricating their abduction from a Córdoba park.  Their mother, Ruth Ortiz, was helping police with the search of her estranged husband's family property yesterday.
The search has so far been concentrated on an orange grove next to the main farmhouse, as well as on an adjacent plot Bretón's parents used as a tip.
Bretón was has been brought from prison to the property today to participate actively in the search.  His wife is not present at the property today, but her lawyer is there to represent her.  Bretón's lawyer is also being represented at the farm today.
Ruth Ortiz was asked by the judge yesterday to confirm whether there had been any changes at the farm, structural or otherwise, since she was last there with her estranged husband, José Bretón.
Initial reports suggest that Ortiz pointed out "three anomalies" in different parts of the two-storey property, but that after checks were made, "nothing significant has been found".
This latest search of the property, which has already been the subject of numerous rigorous searches, has been ordered by the judge in the case, in a final attempt to find evidence of the children's whereabouts before Bretón is formally arraigned on June 15th.  A confrontation between Bretón and Juan David, a cousin of Ruth Ortiz, has also been scheduled for the same day, to throw light on a conversation the two had in prison and which the father of the missing children allegedly divulged the fate and the whereabouts of his offspring.