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MURDOCHS 'Little Princess'. The rights we know to serialise the book 'The LIE of the Truth' has gone to Murdoch . The McCanns, early stages when weaving their web of deceit relied heavily on religion. December 2007, the good doctors , arguidos and their celeb status at an all time low, it seemed even God had deserted the deadly duo. Murdoch around this time bought the biggest 'online' bunch of screwballs 'Beliefnet' .. negotitations taking place in late autumn 2007....I am not saying he bought the 'cult' for the McCanns but lets put it this way it did not do them any harm and the disciples began to flock....SALES are all that matter to MURDOCH ... not how, when and where a three year old died or if he is assisting to cover up a crime. Madeleine sells newspapers and will continue to do so and if Murdoch is still alive he will celebrate her 21st birthday drinking to her health wherever she may be....thats just how sick this 'circus' has become... '




Rupert Murdoch  'the back stabber'.....please read above links ....


PrayMaddyMcCann twitter page...

Bieliefnet /Inspirations....OWNED by Rupert Murdoch... 'PrayMaddy McCann' a full paid up member of 'belief inspirations'...... with more than 52,000 disciples...
There is quite a little 'cult' going on here...

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RUPERT MURDOCH BUYS ONLINE RELIGION....announced DEC 4th , 2007......

By Ecumenical News International
10 Dec 2007

Rupert Murdoch's global media organization News Corporation has announced it has acquired Beliefnet, said to be the largest faith and spirituality information site on the World Wide Web, for an undisclosed sum - writes Cheryl Heckler.

"Beliefnet has garnered respect for its commitment to quality, editorial strength and unbiased approach to faith and spirituality from a broad range of consumers, religious and political leaders, journalists and advertisers," said Dan Fawcett, president of Fox Digital Media, part of News Corporation, in a 4 December 2007 statement announcing the acquisition.

He said Fox wants to "leverage these characteristics across a broader media canvas" and "enhance an already terrific product in a rapidly growing market".

Beliefnet will become part of Fox Digital Media, in a move that further expands News Corporation's Internet holdings.

"Rarely has religion been more prominent in the media than today, and News Corp's interest in Beliefnet, thought to be a good advertising revenue generator, indicates how seriously this is all being taken," wrote Ruth Gledhill, religion correspondent for the News Corporation-owned Times of London, on her online blog

Founded in 1999, Beliefnet claims 3 million users each month. Its aim is to "help people find and walk a spiritual path that instils comfort, hope, clarity, strength and happiness for people who are exploring their own faith or curious about other spiritual traditions".

More than 82 million Americans and 64 percent of all Internet users search the Web for faith-related information, according to The Pew Internet Project.
The Los Angeles Times reported that the deal would offer cross-marketing opportunities between Beliefnet and Fox Faith, a year-old division within the Fox studio that targets Christian audiences with religious-themed movies.
Beliefnet (www.beliefnet) became profitable in 2002 and received US$7 million investment from venture firm Softbank in June 2005.
With acknowledgments to ENI:

Ekklesia adds: Although the Murdoch media empire is strongly identified with the religion and politics of the right, among the main Beliefnet sites is God's Politics (, a group blog co-ordinated by progressive US evangelical leader Jim Wallis, whose broad-based Sojourners/Call to Renewal network is promoting a very different agenda to the tele-evangelists - and is seeking to change the character of Christian engagement in public life towards listening, open engagement and alternative or counter-cultural values.
In 2008 'Godspolitics' parted  ways with their wonderful blogging partnership  'Beliefnet'..and started up on their own...even religious nuts find it hard to live under 'MURDOCH' dictatorship.

MURDOCH has since sold 'GOD on the Internet'

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Selling God on the Net: Beliefnet's Affinity Group

Paul Harvey

Ever wondered about the philosophy and business model of the spirituality catch-all website And who exactly owned it anyway?

Yeah, neither did I. Whatever, dude.

But actually, the story is quite fascinating, as it turns out, and Mark Oppenheimer explains it in today's NY Times religion column. You won't be surprised to hear that Rupert Murdoch makes an appearance, if only (this time) to sell; apparently keeping Fox News fair and balanced (paleo-, neo-, and tea-party-o conservatism are all represented in all their glorious diversity!) and covering the deficits wracked up by the expensive purchase of the Wall Street Journal (which I actually do read and enjoy, thanks to their selling subscriptions for a relative pittance of frequent flyer miles), is taking his time. Anyway, a brief taste of this very interesting article:

Rupert Murdoch sells topless Page 3 girls to England, and he sells “fair and balanced” television commentary to America. But until last week, his most eccentric product was
On June 25, Mr. Murdoch’s News Corporation sold the pioneering religion Web site to the owners of Affinity4, a company run by evangelical Christians and, according to its Web site, is dedicated to “the sanctity of the family.” It is another owner and another incarnation for Beliefnet, an online magazine that has survived since 1999 by nurturing every aspect of our conflicted spirituality. It has united angels and yoga, monotheism and meditation. Beliefnet has become America.Today, the story continues, 15 million subscribers receive one or more of Beliefnet's 23 newletters. I probably ought to subscribe to this one: "Weight Loss With Norris" (would that be Chuck, or J. Frank? Hell, what's the difference?). Hey, whatever works.
Beliefnet's current director plans to continue "leading folks in every one of the multifaith categories." Sounds like it's time for me to re-read my good ol' classic text R. Laurence Moore, Selling God: American Religion in the Marketplace of Culture. If that's not a good way to spend a 4th of July, what is?