Sunday, February 13, 2011

Vetting and Barring Scheme...This article by no means tells us where the remains of Madeleine McCann are, in fact Madeleine is not mentioned at all. However, the Soham murders were used shamelessly by the Goverment to press forward an already ongoing project. I believe the McCanns in exchange for their ' second chance at life with only two children' were eager to become part of this scheme. Gerald McCann loves the sound of his own voice and from all appearances wanted to become a politician , he almost made it but something went wrong...they did not become the Ambassadors for an EU American Amber Alert...and thankfully Labour lost the election...had they won, who knows the powers the McCanns may have had bestowed on them ?

The reality is that the government shamelessly politicised the Soham tragedy to set in motion a set of child-protection measures that the state was already developing.

AND we all know the McCanns allowed Madeleine their daughter, to be used to create a 'paedofrenzy...!!!! What kind of people does that make them...?
JULY 5th 2007 Mumsnet rolled out the GUNS and stopped the McCanns 'Campaign' of frightening children at the cinema..

On Sunday, because it was raining, I took my daughter to the cinema. It was only her third trip: Shrek the Third was a U, and the critics all agreed on its overwhelming, stultifying blandness. Perfect. My daughter was sitting up straight, mouth full of popcorn, when the lights went down. As we watched the ads for computer games and people-carriers, I could feel her vaccuuming it all up: the dark, the volume, the extraordinary size of the pictures.

Then the screen was filled with a child’s face. There was absolutely nothing I could do. My daughter stopped eating as the story of Madeleine McCann’s abduction was relayed. The word “snatched” was used. My daughter looked up at me, astonished. “Who snatched that little girl?” she asked.

The Find Madeleine ad finished. An ad for a processed cheese began. Over the clamour, I did my best to explain. A little girl had got lost.

Everyone was looking for her. Her parents missed her very much. I said it was very sad and everybody hoped she would come home soon. Then Shrek started. It wasn’t scary at all. Afterwards, my daughter didn’t mention the little girl. But at midnight she appeared in our room, sobbing, saying that she’d had a nightmare (an unusual event). The following morning, she asked me: “Have the police found the little girl yet?”